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Branding Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs

Branding Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs

Getting a business idea is nothing compared to starting it up especially in Nigeria and if finally you start it up, setting up basic modalities (branding, as it concerns this article) to make that business of yours top notch is another “wahala”. As a small business owner looking to understand the process behind branding, this article will help you learn from the mistakes out there preventing you from making a poor investment. Below are mistakes made by entrepreneurs in branding their businesses; 

Neglecting To Begin With Research
If you are rebranding; current and future customers should be front of your thinking, if you’re just starting up; it’s good to find inspiration from other successful companies but don’t go adapting trends that have no relevance to the brand. When researching your business and its competitors the success of others should not be viewed as a brand blueprint, because what works for one company won’t necessarily work for another.

Not Asking the Right Questions
You don’t need fancy expensive traditional market research, simply ask questions, interact with your potential customers and ask them what they think. It will save you a lot of time and money down the road and help you focus your brand’s image from the start.

Not knowing your Customer Story
If you don’t know who your brand’s ideal customer is you could be heading for disaster. Start with existing customers, listen to their wants, find out their needs, not just from your business but from their lives, this should help you put together a picture of your ideal customer, think about their passions, their fears, what they do in their spare time, who they admire, what they aspire to be, once you know exactly who you are talking to you can stop being nothing special to everyone and start communicating directly to your customers like you would your best friend.

Trying to Be Different for Different Sakes
Differentiating your brand just for the sake of being different is not going to help you build relationships with your customers or increase sales. Never fall in to the trap of using gimmicks to make the brand stand out, your business already has all the real benefits it needs to promote to your customers that your competition can’t offer, and that starts with YOU. Gimmicks and flashy promotions can be copied but your business personality should not because it is really important you give this the time it deservers and find the right way in your business to find that perfect spot in your industry that you can claim for yourself.

Not Doing What You Love
As an entrepreneur, you will be eating, sleeping, and breathing your business for a long time. If you are not totally in love with it, you will burn out. So, do not choose to do something just because it is what you think you should do. You will be unhappy, your heart won’t be in it and your customers won’t believe in you either.

Not Giving Careful Consideration to Your Name
Clever names may be fun to play with, but if your ideal customer can’t tell who you are and what you stand for from your company name, they may just move onto your competition but this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Get creative with your name but make sure it means something to your ideal customer. Paying attention to your name can simply make your job much easier.

Too Much Choice
Too much choice is usually the mistake made by young entrepreneurs too keen to cover all aspects and please the customer with an array of choice, this is a big mistake, there really should not be that much choice when designing for your business, it’s like going to the doctors, your designer is the expert, they should ask you lots of questions, understand all your problems and worries and then give you’re their expert diagnosis. You wouldn’t want your doctor to present you with a selection of illnesses and then ask you to pick which one you thought was right for your symptoms! That really would be crazy. And so your designer shouldn’t expect you to do the same with your identity design.

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