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Causes of Poor Self Image, How It Affects Your Persona

Causes of Poor Self Image, How It Affects Your Persona
“The biggest tragedy in life is not the great waste of natural resources but the wastes of human resources and until you do something with what you have learnt you might as well not have learnt it” words from Zig-Ziglar's See You At The Top.
 If self image is important, why do so many people have a poor one and what are their causes;
  • Negative society and dealing constantly with negative people
  • Religiously  Preachers who preach fire and brime stone, who will only preach God’s judgment with little or no mention of GOD'S love
  • Abilities being ridiculed by parents and folks in the neighborhood; how often have you heard words like “with the way you are going with this music thing, your headed for doom” etc
  • An unthinking or exaggerated series of statements
  • Unrealistic and unfair comparism of experiences; Experience has nothing to do with ability. Many people we admire for their skills and accomplishments also admire us for the same thing (you have a unique skill)
  • Comparing your worst features to someone else best features
  • Poor self image comes also as a result of us setting standards of perfection that are unrealistic and unreachable
  • Pornography
  • Lack of discipline

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