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Four Lessons to Learn from “Music Talent TV Reality Shows in Nigeria” on How to Grow Your Brand.

Four Lessons to Learn from “Music Talent TV Reality Shows in Nigeria” on How to Grow Your Brand.

First thing that comes to mind when anyone sees this is "how does a music reality show and growing a personal or coporate brand relate". Well, haven seen and watched enough of these shows, i noticed some seemingly characteristics exhibited by contestants and judges and thought to share some of these observations;

Opportunity has no timetable, so be ready.
The contestants have one chance to make it to the live competition during auditions.They must seize the opportunity when it appears, they don’t get to choose the timing despite their state or mood.

"Business and careers are much the same way. If we wait until we are “ready,” the open door might close before we get to it. When you meet the right advocate, see an opening for a new business opportunity or find that your dream job has opened up, it’s time to move. Anticipate so that you are ready when you need to be, not when you want to be"

Don’t be fooled by age or experience.
Experience and age does not equal wisdom and expertise. There are 15-year-old contestants who own the stage with musical instincts that defy reasoning. How can such a young and inexperienced person grab this unique opportunity with such ease? These young performers have confidence, an ability to tune out fears and distractions, along with incredible natural talent.

"Yes, we need experts with deep know-how at times, but we need to learn to value the contribution, not the age or experience. In many fields, such as the arts, media and entrepreneurship, not having years of experience in “how it’s done” might just be the positive difference-maker"

Small things can be big things.
In some of the shows mentoring sessions as i have seen, you see the influence of an established artist’s advice to the contestants, even on matters that seem small at first. Changing up the musical arrangement, dropping the guitar, owning the stage or an encounter with Cobhams can significantly impact results.

"Remember the small things, like keeping a positive workplace attitude, really listening to your clients and taking time to stay in touch with your network. These types of things don’t automatically pop up as top priorities on your to-do list each day, so they can tend to feel optional. But remember the small things; they hold substantial power in moving your career forward"
Be you everywhere
If there is one common theme on these shows, it’s that the judges and their team members who are true to themselves usually get the best results. Say for example, MTN PROJECT FAME; Joke Silva doesn’t hide her mannerism and expressions, as if she were family; she genuinely takes care of everyone on the team. Ben Ogbeiwi (Uncle Ben), comfortable in his own skin, has a natural ability to connect with the singers. And as a judge, he builds a great team by not relying on his success or ego but his ability to focus on the contestants, making it about them rather than him.

"Walk in your own shoes. Being yourself will bring more success than trying to be someone else and you will be a lot less exhausted"

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