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Meet The 19year Old "Multi-Potentialite" and "Cream Nigerian" Breaking Ranks.

Meet The 19year Old "Multi-Potentialite" and "Cream Nigerian" Breaking Ranks.


Born: Peace Itimi
Other names: Jopesi
Occupation: Student, Writer, Author, Digital Marketer and Inspirational Blogger
    Years active: 2012-present

Peace Itimi, (born October 8, 1995), is the last of two kids. Peace is a writer, author and an inspirational blogger. This young, charming and calm spirited beau is an AdWords Certified Digital Marketer, Social Media Strategist, Google Student Ambassador, Branding Expert and a Content Creator. Basically, Peace is a "Multi-potentialite"

 Early Life and Education
 Peace Itimi was born October 8, 1995 in Benin-City, Edo State Nigeria. She is the the last of two kids by Engr. and Mrs. E.A Itimi. Although born in Benin, Peace is from the Isoko part of Delta State. Her Primary and Secondary education were at The Federal Staff school, Benin  and University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School respectively, she is currently in her final year at Delta State University Abraka studying Medical Biochemistry. 

Meet The 19year Old "Multi-Potentialite" and "Cream Nigerian" Breaking Ranks. Career
As a writer, she just released her first e-book which she soley authored  'ADWORDS AND ADSENSE FOR BLOGGERS' and as an inspirational blogger she runs www.peaceitimi.com. She tells CN "I am an AdWords Certified Digital Marketer, a social media strategist, a Google Student Ambassador, a Branding Expert and a Content Creator. Plus I work with publishers to create and edit content for magazines, newsletters, and videos". She is passionate about Teaching, Motivating and Inspiring people. She is somewhat a geek with a flair for gadgets, photography and public speaking. Basically, Peace is a "Multipotentialite". 

Awards and Accomplishments: The First Google Student Ambassador from DELSU. 

Meet The 19year Old "Multi-Potentialite" and "Cream Nigerian" Breaking Ranks.

Personal life
Peace itimi is a Jesus freak and is passionate about inspiring the future today.
She believes its never too early to begin pursuing your dreams and that there's a great world of possibilities out there, you just have to try and leave your comfort zone. Peace has had tough experiences,

She tells CN "quite a few things that teenagers shouldn't deal with but God has seen me through all and I have taken those lessons from my experiences and I am using them to create a better tomorrow". She continues  "I am passionate in my pursuit to changing the minds of African youths and thus, my initiative - The future Today which has Inspiring the Future Today as its mantra".
With the future today initiative, Peace hopes to help, mentor and inspire teenagers to dream big and achieve all.

Weblink: www.peaceitimi.com

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