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Meet JEREMY AKPOMERA, A "CREAM NIGERIAN" set to take DANCE To The Next Level

  Meet JEREMY AKPOMERA, A "CREAM NIGERIAN" set to take DANCE To The Next Level

Name: Jeremy Iruoghene Akpomera

Occupation: Brand Strategist, Part-time writer, Fashion artist, Dancer  Choreographer
                     (C.E.O Depths of Motion Dance Company)
Years active: 2013-Present


Early Life and Education
Meet JEREMY AKPOMERA, A "CREAM NIGERIAN" set to take DANCE To The Next LevelJeremy Iruoghene Akpomera (born July 8th)  is from Delta State, Nigeria. His parents are educationists and he is the first of four kids. Jeremy first schooling was done at ABC Wonderland School but he was later moved to Garrick Memorial Nursery and Primary School Benin City, Edo State Nigeria, where he completed his Primary Education and susequently went to University Preparatory Secondary School (UPSS) Benin City, Edo State Nigeria for his Secondary School Education.Jeremy reflects back as he  tells CN
"While at UPSS, I began to explore the possibilities of being engaged productively in the arts. I tried everything, from dance to drawing, to music even though he was a science student (he laughs)"

Jeremy says
"As a teenager I had this growing love for arts, especially dance and as I gave myself more to the art, I realized I was really good at it"
After 6 years of dancing, Jeremy then decided to try his hands on dance creation (Choreography). He volunteered to be the school's (UPSS) choreographer and the next year he was made the School's Official Choreographer, thus making him the youngest resident choreographer at UPSS. He worked as UPSS official choreographer for four years.
Jeremy is currently a student at the University of Benin, a Brand Strategist, Part-time writer, Fashion artist and still a Choreographer.

Personal Life
 Jeremy tells CN
 "Your true strength is known at your weakest point. I won't go into details but, I have failed major exams three times in my life (apart from JAMB). It truly broke me and caused me to doubt my abilities as a person but in those times I asked God for wisdom and channeled my energy towards my strengths, got the necessary lessons to be learnt from the experiences and in due course those failures became points of encouragement to others"

Meet JEREMY AKPOMERA, A "CREAM NIGERIAN" set to take DANCE To The Next Level
Professionally, Jeremy is first and foremost a Dance Choreographer.
'Becoming a dance artiste on a professional level isn't easy in Nigeria but with commitment and consistency we have going stronger in it.' He tells CN
 as a Choreographer, Jeremy held some key positions:
Choreographer, UPSS (2007-2011)
Asst. Director, Vessels in Praise (2011-2012)
Consultant Choreographer, Serenades of Love (2012/2013)
Choreographer, Marie Dance Academy (2013)
Director, Dance Ministry, CGMi Church Unusual (2013-2014)
Head, Dance Program GreenVille Montessori (2014)

In 2013, Jeremy started his company, the DEPTHS of MOTION DANCE COMPANY. Depths of Motion Dance Company happens to be the only Contemporary Dance Company in Edo State.
Jeremy reounts to CN
"I have been privileged to work with so many dancers through the years in my career and my greatest joy has been seeing my students become trainers or start up their own dance initiatives, for me that means I did a good job as their choreographer/tutor and it inspired them to express themselves their  way and the testimonies are still reeling in"
...DEPTHS of MOTION DANCE COMPANY would be having her debut dance production on the 25th of January at CGMi Church Unusual titled UNASHAMED: the edge of Grace

Awards and Projects
On his project, Jeremy tells CN 

"For me, my greatest achievement is starting up a Professional Dance Company which has been a dream for me since my early days as a dancer"
1st Runner-Up, MALTINA DANCE ALL (Regionals) (2007)
Supervisory Choreographer, THE ExCHANGE (2011)...
Choreographer, 1st MASS DANCE of dancers from over 20 CFi Chapter at JAM SUMMIT (2014), FUTA.
TOP 10 Young Choreographers, AFRICA DANCE MASTERS AWARDS (2014)

He continues,
'my target is to be amongst Africa's Top 10 Dance Choreographers by 2019 and spearhead a new standard in behavioral pattern, artistic excellence and technical knowledge in the dance industry.
The problem of Nigeria is that we Nigerians have become so comfortable with doing the wrong things and living below God's plan but the truth is we can mould this country to our desire. It all depends on what we say which will eventually transcend into what we do until it becomes who we are..."
His final words;

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