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My SchoolNews App; A solution designed to ensure your news is targeted at intended recipient

Haven personally seen and test run other apps, I can make bold to say MySchoolNews App is the one of the most professional, social friendly and unique app to get as a school Proprietor or Administrator. MySchoolNews app is a solution designed for schools of different levels which ensures news is targeted at intended recipient. The school specifies who receives the alert or news i.e. Parents only, Students only, Staff only or the entire users.

What can your school do with MySchoolNews App?
The App covers all school communication requirements
· Perfect for all newsletters, notes, notices, reminders
· Send news to Users: Send news to entire users or to specific  groups i.e. Staff/Parents andStudents with only relevant information. Information can be inform of media files or text files with video. 
· Short and long messages (replace expensive SMS): You can send shorts alerts or long
messages. This helps to reduce the cost of sending sms, sending email or printing several copies of papers.
How it works
· You subscribe for MySchoolNews and pay the subscription fees
· We give you an admin dashboard to help you organise the news and approve subscribers (All Users needs to be approved before they can access the school news)
· Send instant push alerts to Users’ smartphones
· Users receives alerts on their mobile devices

What are you waiting for?
Join today and get your messages to your intended users instantly and see improved results;

· Schools News App is perfect for everyday use and emergencies where you have to quickly contact user
· This app uses push notifications without per message fees
· We provide training to staff
· We provide telephone support on an ongoing basis
· We have discount available for schools
· This app is designed specifically for schools
· The app is downloadable by users free of charge from android and iOS platforms
· Schools can schedule their emails in advance
· It can be used by authorized multiple school staff 

Optional Custom App
Schools can have either:
· MySchoolsNews App - which is used / shared by multiple schools OR
· Custom app - professionally designed just for your school - custom apps are professionally designed in your school colours, with your school logo etc. Individual care is taken to improve (or match) your existing school branding

For more details and enquiries;
Enquiry@tick-tec.com or Call +447728606770
visit www.tick-tec.com

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