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Simple and Successful Patterns to Follow in Making Your Brand Grow as an Entrepreneur

Simple and Successful Patterns to Follow in Making Your Brand Grow as an Entrepreneur

Stop concentrating on yourself; how rich you will become through whatever it is you are into, how to buy the most expensive cars, houses, airplanes etc rather get back to to the core value of  the job at hand. Some will say ‘I have been doing my job”.  If that is true and your are getting the same results then it in order to say you have failed to some extent. In disposing your service, you must reconsider your methods, your mode of approach, your purpose, your message and your focus coupled with the core values or purpose of existence of the organisation in effectively and efficiently delivering its brand to its target audience.
The principles of effective and efficient delivery service must be learnt and understood if you are going to do this effectively.  

Your Approach To Delivering Your Service Should Be Flexible to the Environment You Find Yourself.

I will start be reminding us of a story we have come across more than once; it’s about how FRIESLAND the producers of Peak Milk made it almost impossible for the average Nigerian to afford milk because of the cost of a tin of milk and their other products to cut the long story short, along came Cadbury who produced Cowbell Sachet Milk making the average Nigeria family have a balanced food nutrition.

The major mistakes entrepreneurs make is adopting strategies that do not fit or suit their environments. Once you have gotten an idea, brand or a business as the case maybe, the first thing that should come to mind is how it fits or suits your immediate environment because that will test the business tenacity or viability as the case maybe. The flexibility approach comes in handy in whatever kind of service you offer.If your idea or brand doesn’t consist of how it will cut across the various strata of life then you should have a re-plan
Master Your Craft, Your Environment then the World Will Follow

Was watching the Teju Baby Face Show a couple of months back and he talked about how Basket Mouth started his career and in summary he asked Basket mouth how he (basket mouth) could stand the mammoth crowd during his shows with without feeling a thing, Basket mouth replied “when you come pass through a school like UNIBEN and can face that crowd over and over again for a couple of years then there is nothing to it.  

It is imperative to note that the longest serving and still serving brands are those owned by individuals who have mastered their arts or crafts. It’s unfortunate today that some entrepreneurs have lost sense of this principle.

The "Serpent and Dove" strategy

Never heard of this principlebe before is my guess, right? I got this strategy from a verse in the Bible “be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10v16b KJV)

The word snake is used in that context because the snake is a smart animal and reptile and it never ever rushes into a prey; rather it studies it, times it, mesmerizes it, measures it, it has confident in it (the ability to get it down) and then it strikes at the right moment. Be that way when you want to win people over for your brand. Don’t rush into it study your audience, measure your audience, mesmerize them, tantalize them and when you’re done strike at the right moment. 
The 21st entrepreneur has prospered in the areas of acquired knowledge and getting all the connections there is but the 21st Century entrepreneur must be an entrepreneur with WISDOM. For you to win the people and have your brand stand out you must be wise not loud, not with the many connections but wise because you can’t just win people one way, you have got to have wisdom  to win different groups.

Make Friends Before Selling

I know it is opposed to the normal norm of “business before pleasure” theorem but hey! Who proposed such theorem? and have you checked it out to see if it works perfectly for you? When you set out today, your job is not to sell your brand but to be-friend your clients. Ever heard of this saying “he that must have friends must first make himself friendly” (Proverbs 18v24). Some of us are irritations to people, we go to people and the first thing we want to do is sell a brand or an idea to them straight up! without being friendly. 
Making friends may mean  taking years for them to trust you. Hey! here is a tip “if people love you, they will listen to you”. When you walk into a crowd, they should notice a difference and not just another person trying to sell something. 

Be Genuinely Interested in What Your Audience wants

Don’t go to people with a one track mind (you must listen to me, must buy my product, ideaetc); arouse an eager want in the other person. If you meet a farmer in the course of your work talk farm and its produce, meet a trader talk goods in other words speak of the other person’s interest not your own. Most of us are so busy saying what we want to say we don’t listen to what the intending customer is interested in, we just want to sell, convince because you think your goal is just to convince them.You end up rushing into people’s live and destroy the opportunity before you. 
 Remember it is not what you like rather what the other person want that you should be after. There are folks who like fishing but detest the site of worms as bait but you should know that the fish does not want you and doesn’t care about whatever form of bait you have to offer it apart from the worm.
Give Your Best First Impression

SMILE!!, this may sound so unimportant considering the conditions of the economy and situation of the country but some of the oldest people in the the country are business men and women “a merry heart  doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit drieth the bones…..” (Proverbs 17v12). 
The quickest way to win people over easily is by SMILING at them (not for no just cause shaaaa o lol). If you are seating in a bus, on plane etc, just smile because a smile can disarm a defensive person. Especially for those who expect you to say something, just smile at them.

Remember and Call Them By Their Names

Some folks have the habit of walking up to people and try to sell a product and stay long without knowing their names, how terrible!!!. If you want to get people over so quickly on your brand, always remember and call their names. Mesmerize them with their names. 
No matter what you say if you call somebody by their name, you got them.
 Here is something you should know “the most beautiful sound in the ears of anybody is their name” Call it all through during the conversation. They will never forget you if you call their name because a person’s name is their entire self, it shows you are interested.
Hope you learnt one or two principles from this article.This is hoping you will apply some of these principles were apllicable to ehance the anticipated productivity in your brand.

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