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Tips on Branding a Photography Business

Nigeria currently has the largest economy in Africa and to some extent, this evaluation by some experts is attributed to thriving SME’s run by determined young and enterprising Nigerians who set up businesses here and there or interests and hobbies turned into business. An example of such is PHOTOGRAPHY.
So many novice photographers have grand designs on becoming a professional photographers and getting paid to take photographs throughout the day, yet the truth of it is that in doing so you are likewise turning into an entrepreneur; an entrepreneur who of cause, is currently confronted with the task of all sorts of not-so-cool side effects of being an entrepreneur such as maintaining a business. A lot of hours are spent working on networking, advertising in one form or another and hopefully building your brand online. Here are some tips to help you make the process a success;

Get Active on Social Media
The list of social networking sites are unexaustable (if i start to count google go find me see). it is on these platform you publicise your photography business. Social media is sometimes referred to as micro-blogging and it can give you all the same benefits as hosting a website itself with the added benefit of having a built in platform for opening a conversation. 
Dedicate time from your schedule, just 5-minutes a few times a day will do, to create original updates and interact with your followers. There are applications which permit you to streamline multiple social media platforms into one, easy to update but don’t rely on them solely. They have a tendency to truly take the individual association out of the experience. Think of social media as a place to sell yourself as a person and photography sales will follow.

Who is Your Ideal Client?
Take out a piece of paper and start writing down characteristics of your ideal client. Ask yourself questions like; what they do for a living? Where they live? Interests and hobbies? This may sound senseless but the more you characterize that individual the more you can make sense of just where your target business is. What key attributes of your perfect customer best speak to your image? Jot it down.

Your Selling Point
Depending on what services you offer for example wedding, portrait, commercial and so on you will have your own selling point. When you have worked out what your selling point is, incorporate this into your marketing system. You may want to ask yourself questions to help establish your selling point:
-What is your niche?
-What makes you stand out from your competitors?
-How unique are you?

Your target Market
Knowing and understanding your target audience is a basic component for an effective photography business. You need to know your target audience, the more you know about your target market which are; sector, age, gender, demographics and so forth the less demanding it is to be particular with your marketing technique. This gives you a chance to truly adjust how to market to your audience as you know who they are and how they think. 

 Conclusively, I really don't know if to call this a closing speech (lol) but hope you had a good read and most importantly, hope you wre enlightened. Do well to live your comments and always remeber you are what you constantly brood upon. Dream it!, live it! and give it!.

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