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Meet Doris Lucian Osauwagboe, founder of LURIS REBOUND

Meet Doris Lucian Ozeee, founder of LURIS REBOUND
Early Life And Education
Doris Lucian Osauwagboe (Mrs), founder of LURIS REBOUND, is in her late twenties. She was born in Benin City but her family moved to Lagos when she was about three. She is the 3rd in a family of four (two boys, two girls).

 In her own words;
"My teenage years was fun. Most of my friends where from school and church and i am still very much in touch with some.  We were daring, especially with my best friend then, late Doubra, we would dare ourselves to do a lot of crazy things like wooing a guy while the other person watched. I dated, participated in almost all activities but never did well in sports. I remember one time my dad threatened a guy who was always around me and words got to my school the next day that he threatened the guy with a cutlass. That was so embarrassing. I wasn't the most intelligent but was popular, wasn't a bully and never got bullied. I think I grew up too fast, handling responsibilities both at home and in school. I became Head girl in my last year in Secondary school."
She attended JONSOG International for both primary and secondary, worked at Rap ha counseling concepts, (Rapha) studied Diploma in Law at The University of Benin and proceeded to International Studies and Diplomacy.

Personal Life
Meet Doris Lucian Ozeee, founder of LURIS REBOUND
I grew up in a single parent home with my dad and three other siblings. My parents separated when I was still a child and that was a lot of stress especially from church. Contrary to what people would think, my home was fun, there was a lot of laughter. You would think we had some interesting visitors. I was stubborn and argued a lot so was mostly picked on at home and at those times I'll just go to the girls room and cry. Growing up, I used to love being alone, I spent 'my alone' time thinking, reading and writing. I'm actually a very emotional person, I love but don't love stupidly. While growing up I had issues like I was too short and plumb, battled with acne. I grew up a catholic with a strict background but I wasn't deep spiritually. Things began to change when I got into higher institution, I joined Cu-Nifes. My first Holy spirit experience was awesome and my choices began to change even my work today is as a result of that experience.  I did some mission work in villages through CSIM in villages in Northern Nigeria.

Turning point came in my career when I published my first book on rape I DID NOT ASK FOR IT in 2009. With this I went to secondary schools educating students on sexual assault and selling my book, then I started getting invitations to speak at seminars, conferences and churches. I realize that because of the time frame during these programs I don't get to relate well with victims so I decided to introduce mid-night call chat when a victim can call and we talk extensively. My second book, TEEN ISSUES was published 2012.

While in Cu-Nifes, I was secretary of secondary schools visitation group (ssv) twice, in 2009 I was chairperson of secondary school conference and for the first time we hosted over a thousand students. For about two years I wasn't keeping records of my activities but I have spoken in more than 50 places including schools, churches and conferences. My career has continued to climb.
Meet Doris Lucian Ozeee, founder of LURIS REBOUND

Awards and Accomplishments
My most important accomplishment is knowing that I'm changing lives, from the mails I get from young people, to the support I get from the public. In 2011, my first book, I DID NOT ASK FOR IT was approved by the Ministry of Education in Edo state as a compulsory test for junior secondary school one. 
In recognition of my work, I had the honor of meeting with the first female Archbishop in Africa, Most Rev. M. E. Benson-Idahosa, I also have a work relationship with Path Finders Justice Initiative in New York. 
In 2014 I was selected a delegate at Paris International Model United Nation (PIMUN).

I've executed both personal and partnership projects. I've under-taken grass root enlightenment on sexual assault, parents and teachers seminars on identifying and understanding abused children and out reaches on sexual assault to school children on assembly grounds.
I introduced Christmas at the Door (CAD) in 2014 and with the help of volunteers we shared the joy of Christmas with children in the orphanages and inmates in prison distributing gifts. CAD has come to stay as an end of the year program so look forward to CAD 2015. Like I mentioned earlier I've published two books, written articles for The Young Star magazine and a couple of newsletters.

With the launch of LURIS REBOUND, I look forward to better participation in international programs. My long team projects starting from this year is to host a campaign/awareness seminar in Delta state on violence against women and as the years come, proceed to other states. I also have #MySchoolBag# project which is aimed at providing at least 1000 quality school bags for children living in villages in selected states starting with Edo state. One thing I'm known for is my advocacy in schools on sexual assault and that is going to continue. I believe in taking one step at a time.

Finally, my dream of a better Nigeria is a place where peace reigns, where children especially girls can be educated, where parents don't have to choose between sending their children to school and exposing them to the dangers of terrorism. I look forward to a highly developed Nigeria with excellent health care system, quality education and a good standard of living for all. This dream is not an illusion because I believe we have vast natural and human resources that if utilized and managed properly Nigeria will become one of the leading nations in the world.

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