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The Biography of a Gifted and Versitile Romania based Nigerian - Chigbundu Michael Obinna

The Biography of a Gifted and Versitile Romania based Nigerian - Chigbundu Michael Obinna

Born: Chigbundu Michael Obinna
Other names: Obie
Occupation: Doctor, Musician and Entrepreneur
Years active: 2012-present

Born Chigbundu Michael Obinna (August 7th, 1988), he is the 4th son of his Clergy parents, a Medical Doctor, Musician and Stylist based in Timisoara, Romania.

Early Life and Education
The Biography of a Gifted and Versitile Romania based Nigerian - Chigbundu Michael Obinna
Chigbundu Michael Obinna  was born and raised in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria.Speaking to CN about his early days he says; “Amongst the best memories of my teenage years were the first time I realised I wanted to be a doctor, I was 4years coincidentally was also the first time I sang in the church. Joined both school choir, church choir and children choir because I was hungry to be used by God and I would have accepted any means. I performed for the late Archbishop B.A Idahosa at 8 years old; I was the youngest to sing and had a solo on the piece at the school choir back in the days”.
He is a Medical Resident in Radiology and Imagistics in Spitalul Clinic Judetean de Urgenta in Timisoara, Romania  also in the third year of a four year course which according to him "it is a beautiful path in medicine because radiologist having the most computerized form of diagnostic tests in practical medicine, we are extremely valuable to every department in diagnoses, prognosis, medical advice/remedy and serve as an archive of sorts for important medical reports to view a more detailed patient history. Sometime next year, hopefully I will be going for a Ph.D in Gynaecology (Fertilization) to solidify my imagistic knowledge with fundamental based on the intricacies of the female anatomy and physiology."

The Biography of a Gifted and Versitile Romania based Nigerian - Chigbundu Michael ObinnaHe left Nigeria close to ten years ago and so much about life, challenges, experiences have changed him for the better; from tutoring, working with some executive members of the team that would later introduce Medical engineering to Romania down to contributing to a fashion concept that yielded two stores in Canada, Congressional work for my local fellowship and earlier on in medical school for various departments (Micro-surgery, physiology, etc) HIV/AID awareness campaign, volunteer work for the my Alma mater student body (S.S.M.T).
In his own words "I am also a Singer/Rapper, Lyricist, Composer and Music producer under the alias 'Obie' . I have a long list of records (sold and executed) in my portfolio .Over a hundred concerts and a few TV/Radio show involvements. I am currently an independent artist and financing my passion, I have taught a few bands and groups in a capacity of music director and I am currently working on a novel  "title withheld" (
a depiction of stereptypic ideologies of the mordern day individual regardless of race, sex, demograohic; its about putting people in a box and labelling them and how far this goes to influencing their future) and I promise an exclusive when the first draft is out. I am also somewhat blessed in the area of editing, strategising and conceptualizing in the media which means most of the time I start a project from scratch to finished product without a lot of interference from outside parties, I suppose God blessed me with a certain capacity to multi task. I speak fluently English and Romania, my Spanish and Italian are equally as grotesque as they are conditional to interest and mood. Since I started Writing I have often thought about a doctorate in literature."

Personal Life and Awards
  • He received a plaque of honor for academic excellence for his Alma mater/Nigerian Embassy in 2012 on Graduation day.
    The Biography of a Gifted and Versitile Romania based Nigerian - Chigbundu Michael Obinna
  • In his words to CN "God gave me a few important moments in med school when I had the best papers in Cardiothoracic surgery, Biophysics and a few extra earning in the Physiology and Pathophysiology department but these are small accomplishments compared to just graduating."

Targets for a better Nigeria;

  • To establish my practice in Nigerian and do my best to monetize the industry as well as give back free clinic, pre natal and post natal care (vitamins, rallies, awareness both on TV and word of mouth forms of media)

  • Continue my father's legacy by adding to his many accomplishments; a freedom medical center with highlight on Gynae/Emergency and State of the art Radiological/Imaging Equipments.

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