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The Biography of Nigeria's finest and "A-list" CREAM Cinematographer- Stanlee Ohikhuare

The Biography of Nigeria's finest and "A-list" CREAM Cinematographer- Stanlee Ohikhuare

Born: Stanlee Ohikhuare
Other names: Aideloje
Occupation: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Special Effects, Stunts Supervisor, Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor and 3D Animator.
Years active: 2012-present

A graduate of the University of Benin from where he obtained a bachelors degree in Fine Arts specializing in painting, he also has a National Diploma in General Arts from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. He is an extraordinary painter and Illustrator.
Today, he runs a Creative Consultancy and Production Company called MIGHTY JOT STUDIOS - the platform under which he has been producing and Directing Movies as a Film Maker.
“Several people have on different occasions referred to me as a Celebrity - especially when I have been interviewed on TV but I have never accepted that classification.”

The Biography of Nigeria's finest and "A-list" CREAM Cinematographer- Stanlee Ohikhuare Born Stanlee Aideloje Ohikhuare, hails from Owan West L.G.A of Edo State; a village called Ivbiodohen to be precise.  He is a graduate of the University of Benin from where he obtained a bachelors degree in Fine Arts specializing in painting. He also has a National Diploma in General Arts from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. His earlier education can be traced to St. Celia’s Home Nursery School in Ikoyi- Lagos, Hope Primary School, Queens Drive,Ikoyi – Lagos, Command Children’s’ School, Enugu and Union Secondary School, Enugu.
His professional background covers employment as a graphic artist and Illustrator in FRANK MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, SIGNATURE FOLIO COMMUNICATIONS & DIGIPRINTS INTERNATIONAL. He also freelanced as a cartoonist for Healthmate Newspapers and Daily Times where he worked briefly with Josey Ajiboye. His first Creative Boss in the advertising Industry; specifically at Signature Folio after graduation was Tayo Aje.   

Stanlee’s last paid employment before establishing his own firm was at DIGIPRINTS International where he worked with Talal Wehbe and by extension; the Mukarim Family (Mouka Foam)

I prefer the simple, unassuming and responsible lifestyle that has constantly projected me - just the way I am. I want to remain all that people see right at the surface; no layers …...no  exo-skeletal structure!”

His Earliest introduction to main stream production and multimedia came from free-lancing engagements as a storyboard artist with SO&U Saatchi under the Creative Direction of Uche Anoruo. It was there that he also met some of his long term inspirational friends such as Tolu Ajayi, Patrick Opene and Segun Edun – like minds  with whom he has shared almost every new idea he has imagined ever since. His free-lancing soon extended to animatics as soon as he began his self training in 3D Animation.

Today, He is also the C.E.O of one of Nigeria's most notable Animation Studios - MIGHTY
JOT STUDIOS;  the platform under which he is serving the world with Nigeria's first feature - length 3d animated movie, LIFESPAN THE MOVIE which has been in production since 2005 and due for release soon.
His Company offers Design Consultancy Services in Advertising, Branding, Content Creation, Events and Brand Activation.  Mighty Jot Studios has eventually become a specialized film/electronic media production company that is practically run on what stanlee describes as “Dry Cell”.
Over a period of nine years, Stanlee shot several TV Commercials for Advertising Agencies, multinationals and several other interest groups before embarking on his movie making quest.
He finished his first feature-length movie -”HEAVY BEAUTY” in March 2012 and has proceeded to shoot LOOP the Movie(October 2012), THE DEADWOOD
(November 2012), TUNNEL the Movie(January 2013), STING the Movie (May 2013) and OBLIVIOUS (May 2013). His movie “Loop” became viral when he premiered it online on the 1st of February 2013. The movie so far has five nominations and one award.  He just finished shooting a first of its kind HORROR MOVIE titled "KPIANS - The Feast of Souls."

Stanlee’s style is Surreal, neo-realistic and drenched in “chiaroscuro”…whenever the opportunity presents itself. His fascination towards Chiaroscuro and his surreal disposition are offshoots from his painting background as well as his deep imagination.

Stanlee’s workflow as a Director/Cinematographer/Art Director includes certain pre-production rituals that he considers a MUST – Storyboarding, Treatment AndNo holds barred” execution plan – STAN. He believes in finishing tackling production off location before the camera rolls.

“If being a CELEBRITY means being celebrated for dedication, passion and excellence in my professional endeavors then, I might just let it fly but if it connotes a certain indoctrination that requires an idolized pattern of living according to the dictates of certain people in social and entertainment spheres; usually passed on in a subtle manner to the society at large - then I would gladly decline that classification with a deep seated sense of pride.”

  • Stanlee was a winner at the 2015 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) as Best Cinematographer.
  • As a socially Responsible Professional, Stanlee organizes an annual creativity and IT training seminar in collaboration with his first training ground, Yabatech, tagged Creator Factor. During the Seminars, he gathers the cream of the advertising and production industry to train over 500 students and enthusiasts absolutely Free of charge. This has been on for three years now.
The Biography of Nigeria's finest and "A-list" CREAM Cinematographer- Stanlee Ohikhuare
  • Stanlee’s skills cut across writing, directing, cinematography, writing, lighting, art direction, photography, editing, special effects, stunts supervision, illustration, painting, sculpture and 3D Animation.
  • Stanlee is a self - taught 3D animator, Graphic Artist, Video Editor, Visual effects creator and Stunts Director. He is a SURREALIST and his works exude audacious fantasy with a measurable degree of artistic juxtaposition. 

  • He is a photography enthusiast and an ardent lover of great cinematography. As a Director, he loves being behind the Camera to ensure that there is visual fidelity in his productions.
  • His Movies include; Heavy Beauty, Loop, Tunnel, Sting, Oblivious, KPIANS – The feast Of Souls, and KPIANS – premonition (series) his feature length 3d animated movie titled “LIFESPAN” and his recent AMVCA Best Documentary Award Winner, THE DEADWOOD.
  • Stanlee’s works have earned him several nominations, a couple of Awards and honorable recognition in the Film Industry.
courtsey stanleeohikhuare.com
Stanlee lives and works in Lagos State, Nigeria and is happily married to Daisy Ohikhuare nee Okosun and together they have two sons & a daughter.
His hobbies include photography, basketball, singing and drawing.

Web links: http://www.stanleeohikhuare.com


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