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Things you can do on campus to make money from -Students Edition

Things you can do on campus to make money from -Students Edition

As I am accustomed to doing, I picked up a magazine recently and started flipping through its pages eager to see what catches my attention and there! I saw something. Still wondering what it is? Well, I will spare you the “sentimental garribidol” (please don’t ask me what that means, as I am still in shock of how I came about that). 

This article will as much as possible to centre on stuffs students could do on campus to earn a little or even more alongside their study and if they see a bright light at the end of the tunnel could become a full time work after school.

Bulk SMS is frequently utilized as a part of SMS advertising. It is way of sending SMS messages to a group of intending/already clients at the same time. It is likewise utilized by media organizations, banks and consumer brands for a mixed bag of purposes including amusement, enterprise and mobile advertising.

Bulk SMS is commonly used for alerts/updates, promoting and correspondence between both staff and clients. Bulk SMS framework gives you a chance to convey SMS messages to different GSM networks.

Things you can do on campus to make money from -Students Edition

How is it a business? – Since Bulk SMS is a stage where you can send customized SMS to various individuals, it is then common that numerous individual organizations, and organizations would need to utilize the medium to reach to their clients. Thus, being the one offering the service or giving the stage through which they can do it is the thing that realizes the business we are discussing 

How can you run it on campus? - Go to various departments, fellowships, organization on campus and tell them you can send bulk SMS for them (look for the cheapest unit available to wade off competitors), they give you the numbers (or have a number bank; were you have numbers of various members of organizations on campus) and you charge for typing it per unit and more importantly charge for your services.

Baking cakes and Pastries
It is no news that students love celebrating and marking various events from Valentine’s Day, to birthday’s to Matriculation and Graduation parties etc. Printing and pasting notices and informing friends about your ability to bake cakes could be useful because at the end of the day you will earn whole if you are good at the art.

Most associations need flyers, posters, banners magazines etc. you could start by having a catalog of designs you have done in the past and show to your intending clients. You could also go creative by working on pictures of friends for free and they in turn help publicize your art.

Compere (MC)
 Things you can do on campus to make money from -Students Edition

Having and knowing your job as an MC on campus will a brainer and a very good source of income on campus. It’s a fasting rising ad sort after art all over (not only on campuses). 
Selling Gadgets
Now for this part I will be particular. You do not need to sell phones, laptops and other “complex accessories”. Selling of “light accessories” such as USB cords, power banks, phone porch, headsets etc will fetch you cool cash.
Customizing (Shirts, Shoes, bands etc)
On campus there various events that students will attend and want unique clothing, jewel accessories, this is where you knowledge and expertise will profit you.

Things you can do on campus to make money from -Students Edition

Now this is the mother of all businesses on every campus. If you are good more money for you. If you know how, it’s pretty cool and easy to carry out your activities and still follow up on your studies. It is a highly lucrative venture on campus. 

Conclusively, you will notice for everything i have suggested i never mentioned or attached gender to, that's because they are cross gender jobs. So folks, it’s pretty much what I have  for now, if any ideas comes up trust me to come posting asap! like that!!. Peace!!

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