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7-10 vendors are contacted through our platform per day- Olaotan Oladitan, CEO faajihub.com

7-10 vendors are contacted through our platform per day- Olaotan Oladitan, CEO faajihub.com

Brief introduction
Olaotan Oladitan, often called Lao Tan by his friends, is a top notch and "CREAM" Nigerian entrepreneur who is at the top of his game. He had his first degree and Master’s degree in Architecture and Environmental Design, Architecture both at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with a distinction at The University of Sheffield, and has undertaken various management programs such as the Advanced Project Management course at University of Oxford, International Business course at Vienna University of Economics & Business, is a Chartered Manager in the UK, and holds many more management certificates.
He is the Founder and CEO of faajihub.com

Tell us about Faajihub, but first how did ‘Lao Tan’ come about? You are Nigerian, right?
[Laughs out loud] It was my Chinese friends that brought it about. My name is Olaotan, a Yoruba name meaning ‘There is wealth’ or Laotan as it’s usually known, but my Chinese friends took it a step further, by splitting the syllables. Guess it kind of stuck after a while.

Oh okay. So what is Faajihub?
Faajihub is a directory of over 700 event vendors ranging from eventcenters, caterers, photographers, children party vendors and all othercategories.

7-10 vendors are contacted through our platform per day- Olaotan Oladitan, CEO faajihub.com

We make it easy for anyone who has an upcoming event to hire all their vendors and venues directly from one spot. So there are a lot more choices for everyone to compare and choose from, and even people in the diaspora can organize their entire event without travelling.
Many people also visit the site to see upcoming events around them  and post their events free, as well as read our entertaining blog posts.

How does Faajihub work
Once anyone visits the site, they are able to select the type of event vendor they need, and we instantly display various options. They can check out their pictures, details, and even prices for most of them, and contact them directly, so we are not middlemen.

Really? So how do you make your money?

The various vendors pay a yearly subscription fee to get listed in our exclusive directory. For instance, we are currently running a promo on the Silver package, so they pay only N35,000 instead of N60,000 for the year, and we display them before many other businesses in the directory, advertise them through our partner networks and many more many more benefits. Smaller or part-time businesses can also get listed n the Basic package for only N10,000 yearly.We also have regular adverts on the site from people who are interested in reaching our audience, who happen to be upwardly mobile young professionals. 

7-10 vendors are contacted through our platform per day- Olaotan Oladitan, CEO faajihub.com
As growth partners, we continuously help the vendors, such as blasting out their discounts/deals to over 50, 000 MTN subscribers.
The vibes I and my friends got about your website are that it is kind of elitist. What is your response to this?
[Laughs loudly] No, we are not elitist, however, we are looking to set a standard, hence even though our prices are affordable, our approach to everything we do is at a very high level, whether this means the design of the site, the kind of content we put up, and more.
For instance, the kind of blog posts we put up are not gossip, or sleazy content, but quality content that would appeal not just to the Nigerian audience, but to a wider international audience, and we have noticed this is in turn generating international interest. Sometime back, the University of Oxford even posted their event. 
At the moment, there are over 300 international event vendors listed on the site, you can change the country inside the directory, as well as various foreign upcoming events, from the United States, United Kingdom and even Hong Kong.
The very high standard we set also enables us attract adverts, ongoing partnerships such as with Silverbird, MTN e.t.c and listings from other reputable businesses.

What gave birth to Faajihub?
Just before moving back to Nigeria after completing my MBA in 2013, I was conversing with some close friends from other countries, and we were discussing what we could do together in our respective countries. An initial idea was a restaurant seat booking service, which I felt Nigeria wasn’t ripe for, but then changed to this idea when my cousin was moving back to Nigeria for her wedding and I saw how difficult it was for her to get options from there.
I moved back the same year, basically hit the ground running on Faajihub, and we launched in 2014.

So how has it been thus far?
It’s been great actually. Of course, there are issues with starting a business especially here in Nigeria due to inadequate infrastructure, such as internet, power and so on, as well as the fact that many typical Nigerians look to copy and make a quick buck on other peoples innovations, rather than do so themselves, but they keep us proactive, so I guess that is a good thing for us.
Also, things are progressing every day; access to internet is a lot better than it used to be; even contraptions such as power banks have played a role in getting people to stay online more.
I would say, even though the Government is [hopefully] waking up to its role of creating an enabling environment, Nigerians are solving Nigerians problems, rather than keep blaming and waiting for the government before acting for themselves.

7-10 vendors are contacted through our platform per day- Olaotan Oladitan, CEO faajihub.com

How do listed Vendors know it’s working?
Oh, that’s pretty straightforward, we made it possible for them to see how many people have viewed their page at all times. It’s displayed right at the top of every page, so they know they are increasing their brand awareness.
In addition, and especially for those whose objective is to also get contacted, we encourage them to put up quality content so people would be encouraged to contact them after viewing them.
In essence, even though at least 7-10 vendors are contacted through our platform per day, the chances of them being among those 10 vendors is by having quality pictures and content, as visitors would not be interested in contacting a vendor whose page is unattractive or inadequate. We also have other constant tips and assistance we give to our listed vendors, such as allowing them to contribute blog posts on the site, showcasing them through some of our other partners and more. Basically, we help them grow, and give them brand awareness.
For some who don’t have websites, their unique url even acts as their website, as they can edit, share and manage their Faajihub page themselves anytime.

What is the next step for Faajihub
For now, it’s basically about continuing to innovate and provide more value both to users and listed vendors, and it’s also about reinvesting everything we make back into Faajihub so we can continue growing.

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