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Are You Marketing in the Year we live in?- Exodus of Digitilization

Are You Marketing in the Year we live in?- Exodus of Digitilization


To refresh our memory a little,I started in part one by asking a question which i beg to rephrase "how are you marketing in the year that we live in?" and so we don't get things mixed up, I will like to correct any notion that says well, this article doesn't concern me as i am not a marketer. But if you would step back a little and see how neck deep you are in this SHIFT unconsciously without having a clue. Enough about the banters and chattering, Let me get on with the course. let's go there!!

"The only way to grab attention is to either guilt people into it whatever you offer or to provide so much value that you win".

In 1996, Hotmail appeared on the web offering users an email account hosted online. It meant emails could be accessed anywhere, anytime. The success of the venture was not lost on Microsoft, which purchased the email service a year later for a reported $400 million.


"While using the e-mail was faster than traditional posts, the internet's instant messaging offered an even speedier solution to personal communication. While some were using the internet to chat, many others were exploring the opportunity to enjoy audio, often streaming live from concerts and other events."

After launching the domain Google.com, Google began to build momentum using its new search algorithm which proved to be more successful than that of earlier search engines, which were struggling as the web increased in size and in 2001, online information hub Wikipedia emerged. Initially hosting a similar number of entries to a children's encyclopaedia, the website grew when the Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911 edition entered the public domain.

"Apple's iTunes soon provided music enthusiasts with a legal alternative to downloading their favourite commercial tunes. Despite launching with just 200,000 songs, it reached sales of 250,000 within 24 hours."

Are You Marketing in the Year we live in?- Exodus of Digitilization 
Skype was soon born 2003, with a distinct technology that allows users to make free calls to others using the program.
It later branched out to include video messaging, videoconferencing and began offering an alternative telecommunications service for users wanting to call regular phone numbers.
Video technology was soon considered for use in other industries, such as medicine, allowing doctors to examine and in some cases treat patients thousands of kilometres away.

"While chat rooms and instant messaging proved popular in the preceding years, social networking sites started to emerge offering an alternative.
Professional networking site LinkedIn launched in May 2003, followed by MySpace in August.

Meanwhile, Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg introduced his friends to The Facebook, a social networking site he built for students at the university in 2004. More than 1,000 students signed up in the first day.
With web-based mail proving popular, Gmail entered the market enticing users with greater storage than many existing mail providers at the time. 


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