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The Biography of A Fine and Cream Nigerian Export- Oriri Osayomore

The Biography of A Fine and Cream Nigerian Export- Oriri Osayomore

Oriri Osayomore
Occupation: Singer, Song Writer, Sound Designer and Media Producer.
Years active: 1999- Present.

Oriri Osayomore is a singer, song writer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist. Oriri began his journey into music by secretly learning to play the drums and mastering his skills by age 15. An ardent lover of African rhythm, he credits his father, Ambassador Osayomore Joseph, with igniting his passion. His professional debut was with his father's band; Ambassador Osayomore Joseph Ulele Power Sound, where he served as the group’s keyboardist in 1997 .

Born Oriri Osayomore December 1981 in Benin City Edo State to The Legendary Music Masteroe
Ambassador Osayomore Joseph and Irene Osayomore Nee Etuke, Oriri is the fifth of six children. alongside other step siblings as he comes from a big family.
“I remember early on whenever I heard music, I knew I could either sing it or play, I just always knew. My earliest experience was in my nursery school at command in G.R.A Benin; I learnt some popular Nigerian songs (Yoruba) it was a fun day for me. I also remember in my primary school at Ebenezer being a part of end of year school play plus the main performer when I did my Dads song 'Ododo'”.
The Biography of A Fine and Cream Nigerian Export- Oriri Osayomore
His teenage life was fun, from hanging with my friends, playing street soccer and gymnastics to finding my way to church and starting to play the drums and then the keyboard and finally signing up with his dad’s band as a keyboardist in October 1997.
He attained his secondary education at Oba Ewuare Grammar School Benin City, Edo State and subsequently attained his first degree in Theatre Arts at the University of Benin.
“In 2006 when I got out of school was when I began working on releasing my long overdue album, it was released in 2008 during my National youth service in Lagos”.

“I always wanted to create music for advertising; I started working with a marketing advertising company in Lagos as a Radio commercial producer while I added my music hustle on the side. After four years with the company it was time to go back to school, that's when I came to the U.S for my master in Radio and Television”. He has since graduated in 2013 and is currently working on his own production company and making music. 

In October 2013 he worked with Los Angeles Based Nigerian producer Dapo Torimiro on an eight track Ep and he has put out a few of those songs on sound cloud with great reviews. He is currently in Atlanta where he is collaborating with local artistes and being a part of the Art community in whichever way he is relevant.

He's working on a documentary for his dad and has embarked on writing some.
Him and his wife has started out “TheOmnipresent Studio”  in Atlanta and according to him “The best thing to do is to introduce people to a higher power they can be accountable to.
The Biography of A Fine and Cream Nigerian Export- Oriri Osayomore
That is where the vision of The Omnipresent studios comes in, a media content production studio focused on the gospel of Christ as the weapon against the ills and plans of the enemy to destroy humanity. This is true in the US and in Nigeria too. 

The hearts of people need to be on the right things for any nation to become great”.

Oriri got married to Crystal Chante Foster now 'Osayomore' in 2012 and they have a daughter, Oghosa Makenzie Osayomore.
The Biography of A Fine and Cream Nigerian Export- Oriri Osayomore

In his words, “My philosophy is to live every moment and apply myself to good works. To trust in the finished works of the creator and live my best life”

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