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Our Exchange Currency is Dance- Brume Scott Orhiunu, CEO ProjectRome

Our Exchange Currency is Dance- Brume Scott Orhiunu, CEO ProjectRome

Tell us little about you, your educational background and what you do professionally?
My Name is Brume Scott Orhiunu, I hail from Delta State, although born and spent the early part of my life in Enugu State, Nigeria. I come from a family of four boys and a girl (I am the last of them). I graduated from Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria (DELSU) were I majored in Environmental Science and currently getting a Degree in Computer Science from The Open University of Nigeria. I am a professional Dancer/Choreographer and an upcoming creative video Director/Editor.

Tell us about ProjectRome?
ProjectRome was founded by a multi talent lady named Mrs Omofuoma Agharite and myself; we schooled in DELSU and were under the same dance crew called Royalhood. Most times before a performance we were always at each other’s throat because we never got to agree on an idea but when it’s all said and done through the long arguments, the performance always came out exceptional because it was properly criticized by us and that's where the light bulb came on. We fought so much not because we didn't like each other but because we were both “creative critics”, the idea of criticizing something and not just destroying it but presenting a better solution that works was our forte, so we partnered and ProjectRome was born. ProjectRome which stands for Project Redefinition Of Music and Entertainment is an entertainment body designed to redefine music and entertainment in Nigeria and the world at large, we focus on breaking the norms from what we see every day in entertainment. We live in an era were creativity in entertainment is beginning to get one sided; people see one thing working and instead of taking the risk of creating something new and original they stay on the safer side, that's what ProjectRome is built on or is founded upon. Changing the game completely in aspect of Video production, stage performance (choreography and stage Management), Music itself (Singing, rapping and production), product/company adverts, and Entertainment in general.
Our Exchange Currency is Dance- Brume Scott Orhiunu, CEO ProjectRome

 What inspired the name “ProjectRome”?
As soon as the idea was formed we needed a name, that wouldn't just stand as a Dance crew's name because yes we are dancers and we obviously going to chase the dream starting with dance but we needed a name that represents a movement, we played with a couple of names but one day I was in church, honestly wasn't the best sermon I've heard so my mind got busy and I thought about the old saying Rome wasn't built in a day, and what Omofuoma and I were trying to accomplish won't be done in a day, required hard work and dedication, so I looked at that word ROME carefully and just like that I saw the meaning Redefinition Of Music & Entertainment, I nicked in “Project” to it and sent it to Omofuoma and waited biting my finger nails to keep me company because for something this major Omofuoma must have something to criticize on but she replied "perfect" and that's how we found our name and  identity. 

when did you start off officially?
Officially?  that would be 2014.

So Dance/Entertainment is what brings the crew together; tell us about your respective aspirations outside ProjectRome.
so we have been blessed with a multi talented team  that even If I had a chance to pick my team mates from scratch, would still pick them over again. Would start from myself, I am a dancer, dance is natural to me but it’s a means to an end because face it you can't dance forever, my journey with ProjectRome and personally is pointed towards Video Directing and production. Birthing concepts is my thing and also stage and music video choreography. TeeJay is a fierce female dancer with a great voice, her entertainment journey is pointed towards dominating Music Videos with Dance and also making good music in the music industry, then there is Ziggy, aside from Dance he is an extraordinary Rapper so his basically headed towards the music Industry, then there is Tiddy, another fierce female dancer with an extremely great taste in fashion, she literally doesn't know how to dress wrong ever!, even during rehearsals she must always have an outfit and her journey is towards Dominating Music Videos as a Dancer/Video vixen and also an Entertainment fashion Expert. Then there is Sammy, a creative dancer and a good Choreographer so that's where I think his headed, a Music video dancer and Choreographer. We have Carter, a creative actor, dancer, instrumentalist and public speaker currently studying with SPAN(Society for Performing Arts Nigeria)so his journey is limitless, then there is Tina, an out of the box female dancer and a great singer, her journey is towards the Music Industry and also Dominating the Music Video scene ,then there is Ovie (Kaytorch), the last recruit of the team headed towards getting into the music video scene via dance, so Aside from the Dancers ProjectROME has other official members, we have a video and photography expert John, his drive is seeing the beauty in life's activities and capturing it so his headed towards Entertainment photography. Then we have three individuals managing the team, Alexander CEO XELA Media, a video director, creative photographer and photo editor, Tobore Oro Edema founder of LaChokma, a business/vision driven creative lady with loads of accomplishments, then Christopher, a rapper and an Event Decorator.                                       
Our Exchange Currency is Dance- Brume Scott Orhiunu, CEO ProjectRome
So you can officially say it's a business?
Totally and Completely a Business. Our exchange Currency for now is Dance, we dance the client pays, we direct a client’s video and choreograph it in an original way the artist  would never imagine possible and he or she pays. Basically ProjectROME is headed towards someday starting up an Academy and business where anything Entertainment is found; where artist can come and clean up their dance skills for stage performance and videos or even learn from scratch, where individuals no matter who you are can come and learn or horn your craft, be it Singing, Rapping, Dancing, Acting or video production, where artist and event organizers can come and hire dancers, a place where artist and entertainment personalities can get the best of the best Stage performance choreography and management. So yes it a business.

How do you get funding to keep up the business?
For a every business, funding is always a factor, being that ProjectROME is made up majorly of graduate we all have our own regular individual 9-5 Jobs that pay our bills and also funds the business and we also have supporters that see the work we doing and act as sponsors when we need them.

Talk on your challenges?
Nothing ever comes easy in life. If there are no single challenge in a growing business then there must be something wrong. Our main challenge now should be getting heard, getting into the center of the entertainment Industry in Nigeria but like I said earlier Rome wasn't built in a day so it’s our duty to keep pushing till we get the proper recognition and audience so our work would be heard and seen nationwide.

Is ProjectRome into Choreography/Entertainment alone?
Honestly I wish I could say we were into flying and building Jets as well but I can't *lol*. ProjectRome is totally into Choreography and everything Entertainment based with and addition of re-branding products and events, it’s a Redefinition Movement so anything that can be criticized and re-branded better than it already is PROJECTROME is there.

Our Exchange Currency is Dance- Brume Scott Orhiunu, CEO ProjectRome

What are the goals for the next 3-5 years?
 Our goal is basically is the redefinition process. For change to occur the old has to go and the new put in place. Within the next 3-5 years ProjectRome is meant to have penetrated the Entertainment Industry with our professional Music Video production and Choreography, become a force to reckon with when it comes to creativity in Music and Entertainment in Nigeria, would have accomplished notable land marks in the dance scene in regards to competitions and Reality Television scenes as well. Basically to be heard and recognized more in the Entertainment World because trust me, we have a lot to say.

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