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Meet the Face behind "This is Warri"- Oludewa Areyenka

Meet the Face behind "This is Warri"- Oludewa Areyenka
Introduce yourself and tell us about your educational background and what you do professionally?
 My name is Oludewa Arenyeka. I'm from Delta state, I have a Bsc in Business Administration from Igbinedion University and a masters in business management from Oxford Brookes University. 

What inspired “This is Warri?
The need to show both residents and people around the country what this city holds and also it's potentials.

When did you start of officially and how did you get funding to start off the project?
I started it officially during the first week of August, I had tremendous help from family and friends to share the pages and spread the word.  Then Facebook ad and promotion followed with my personal funds. 

Meet the Face behind "This is Warri"- Oludewa Areyenka

Did it start off as candid photography, or were you looking for street style?
It was all candid at first but in the end it got mostly Street styled by just moving around and taking pictures. 

When you first started asking permission, what was that experience like?
It was weird lol.  Just going around having to explain to people why I want to take their pictures,  but from interactions it got better and we plan on taking it to a larger audience around the city. 

How did you deal with the rejection?
Well there's only so much you can say to convince people and when that fails you just have to remember the others that said yes and move on

How do you choose your subjects?
Randomly,  I always have my camera with me and when something catches my fancy I just stop and shoot.

Meet the Face behind "This is Warri"- Oludewa Areyenka

What’s the shooting process like? 
It's pretty basic, I try to not make the people feel uncomfortable by bringing a lot of gear,  I just come with my camera and a couple of lenses and tell them to ignore me and go about their business,  after obtaining their permission of course. 

What kind of camera gear do you use?
 I work mostly with a Nikon D5300,  accompanied by an 18-55mm lens and a 50mm lens.

Do you ever think you will run out of subjects?
With a vibrant town such as this? Lol I hope not. 

What kept you going in the first week of "This is Warri"?
My family, friends and the growing followership the page was getting. 

What is rewarding to you about it?
The concept that, just like other major towns, I can show the country just how good ours is and can be. 
Meet the Face behind "This is Warri"- Oludewa Areyenka
Have you kept contact with people or made new connections?
Yes, lol you for one.  But there are people who are part of it besides me and have contributed their time to help spread it.

Where do you see your path leading you in a couple of years, five years or more?
I hope I have the strength to be able to make this project a large one and get it the recognition it deserves,  and also success in my other endeavours.

 Now that “This is Warri” is gaining fast recognition on social media, receiving recognition from diaspora, and you have a page and a website in view, what is next for you? Are there any new projects you’re working on?
For now,  it is all about keeping the momentum going and getting good content to sustain participation.  From the we shall see how we can handle our set backs and successes.

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