Meet FRANCIS "DONVIN" VINCENT; Nigeria's Finest and CREAM Young Enterprising Blogger

Meet FRANCIS "DONVIN" VINCENT; Nigeria's Finest and CREAM Young Enterprising Blogger

Born: Francis Vincent
Other name(s): DONVIN
Occupation: Social Media Entrepreneur (Blogger)
Years active: 2013-present


Early life and Education
Francis Vincent is a 26 years old Blogger and Internet Marketer, who was born and brought up in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria but hails from Okpara Island, Delta State. His early years

Meet FRANCIS "DONVIN" VINCENT; Nigeria's Finest and CREAM Young Enterprising Blogger were challenging. He attended Ibadan Municipal Primary School, and later had his secondary school education at the Ibadan Christ Apostolic Grammar School, Aperin Oniyere Ibadan.
Francis had high hopes and dreams like every other Nigerian child immediately he finished his secondary school education; as the dream of every secondary school graduate would be (aspiring to gain admission into a reputable tetiary institution which he did) but was greeted with the news of his sister's death in an accident which also inflicted serious injuries to his father just when he was in 200 level in Mass Communication Department, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State. He tells CN
 "when i heard the news i did not know what to think; i had talked with them prior to the time the inccident occured and the next thing my phone rings, the rest they say is history"
not detered, francis tells CN;
"life had to go on, that has always been my principle; i moved to Bayelsa State after the accident and forfeited my admission as it was obvious sourcing for my tutiton fees will prove difficult in to pay in days to come coupled with my Dad's state at the same time. I did little menial jobs to hold body and soul together".

Francis recounts to CN as he laughs on how he started blogging;
"I was on this job were i sold ice cream and had the oppurtunity to close early as i started visiting this cafe. I did this for a while until i walked up to the manager of
Meet FRANCIS "DONVIN" VINCENT; Nigeria's Finest and CREAM Young Enterprising Blogger
the cyber cafe and asked him if he could employ me, the man looked at me (i was on my ice-cream unifrom) and said there was no vacancy. He continues; I came the next day well dressed, thinking it must have been my outfit the previous day that made him refuse me, so i walked up to him again and i asked; Sir, please is there any vacancy here?, the man looked at me and replied; were you not the boy who asked me same question yesterday?, this time he was furious and said no vacancy!!!!".
 Eventually, after persisting for a long time to secure a job in the Cybercafe, he was finally  employed and led to his full access to the internet which he used to acquire more knowledge in his blogging journey.

One of my favourite quotes is one by my mentor Austin Odoh; 
"Living a life centered on opportunity alone is always reckless because you might not come across it". 
He continues
 "I believe that you can never succeed unless you have a successor and that's the reason I preach the gospel of giving to everyone who i come across. You can never reap what you ndid not sow. I made up my mind to be innovative and be different and do something that will impact lives positively and in turn affect the mindset and belief of people around the world; professionally and spritually. That's why I have been travelling around the states of Nigeria to enlighten, empower and strengthen the youth."
Personal Life
Donvin enjoys blogging and researching on the internet, he spend more than 17 hours of his day with his computer, researching and solving others problems.  
Twitter Handle

kigwe kaiser

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  1. So touching, i am inspired Donvin God bless you and Pls remember to help us the small guys in the game too.

  2. Chaaaai. My spirit is now filled with courage. I love this, so inspiring and encouraging. At least the small boys like me that just started out there will be motivated to continue.

    Bring it on. #MoreSuccess to you Donvin

  3. That was a really touching story. Guess we all have some lesson to learn from Vin's story. Hardwork pays.