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Are you an aspiring blogger - Some tips for you

Are you an aspiring blogger? Here are a few tips, from me to you:

 Start small, thinking of ways you can push up your traffic today.
Like most, I started off trying to make a couple dollars a day off my online platform, wrong step. We like to think that successful people have some sort of fast-track or secret to success, sorry to disappoint you.
Are you an aspiring blogger - Some tips for you
I work every day, sometimes, I would be in the shower and I will be thinking, What can I do to bring a little bit of traffic to the blog today?
 Get educated and pay attention to what works.
There is a saying I usually love quoting "if it is easy, everybody will do it". I found other people who were in other fields and were successful, and then I said to myself, What are they doing? How can I implement that in a way that works for my blog.
Are you an aspiring blogger - Some tips for you
I was constantly watching other sites, large and small, and testing different strategies. I feel like a lot of people don’t tap into the tool that Facebook is because they’re not really paying attention to what works. So I paid really close attention to what works for other people. Those people have a lot of engagement.
 Focus on the Immediate
Are you an aspiring blogger - Some tips for you

Community is an important part of a blog. I built up a strong network with other bloggers, developers as far as even readers and photographers, and they were promoting my blog. I remember that moment of thinking, wow!. This actually could works.
 Put your Readers First.
Always think of your readers first, because through them you get opportunities to earn quick money and lose your integrity( I had to add that because its true)
 Shut out the Noise.
I don’t follow very many blogs. And a lot of times, I don’t really pay attention to what’s going on outside of my community, because I will never be good enough when I compare myself to any of the other bloggers or online entrepreneurs.
So don’t forget to look at everything you want to do personally and professionally and ask yourself, What is going to matter 5 years from now. Focus on doing those few things well and be cool with the fact that you can’t do everything and see yourself heading to the zenith of blogging.

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