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How Far Can Your Dreams Take You This Year?

How Far Can Your Dreams Take You This Year?

 Imagination and Inspiration are powerful things, and with them on your side, you have all the reason in the world to achieve your dreams. The mind is the most powerful component of a man but it is as powerful as it is fed. Little wonder Zig Zigglar once said and I quote;
 "the mind is the biggest sketch board in the world...it completes whatever we put in it, it is left for you to achieve it"
A mind that is not fed will not produce and even though it does, its product will be stale!

So during the festive season I pondered over a thought when I saw this art (it was done by one of my social media mentor) and these words came to
 "There has never been a better time to test run those ideas than now.... We have a light bulb today because somebody found out 99 possible ways to make one and got it right the 100th time........ Would you rather be shy to fail and see someone test run your idea and you admire its workability?."
How Far Can Your Dreams Take You This Year?

 How far are you ready to go with what you see in your mind? The age we live require dreams that are structured, sustainable and can outlive immediate gratification. So my question begs;
  • Did you have a DREAM because you slept?
  • Do have you a DREAM because others do?
  • Have you gone past motivation with your DREAM? (you must be pushed before you start)
  • How thick is your skin?
  • If you are required to live your DREAM (job etc) and start over, would you survive?
If you can truly psychoanalyze yourself  and come out with unbiased answers, then you good as green but If you don't  it will make common sense if your dreams doesn't survive beyond 2016.


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