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Bits on the Benin Trado-Marraige Attire by Adaolise Azike

Hello! welcome to an exciting new episode that is set to awaken and educate you on cross cultural traditions and attires on CreamNaija. My name is Adaolise Azike and I will be taking you on this ride.
Today I will be writing on the fashionable attire of the Bini's  (this is original spell, Benin is the English version) , I would be going a bit personal,YES! Personal lolzz!
I grew up in the south-southern part of Nigeria, Bini to be precise and I would be talking about the traditional attire for the Bini's (marriages). I promise you would enjoy every bit of it.
In Bini there is a general dressing culture which comprises of a wrapper (red), head beads and  lot of other beads for the ladies. A white shirt with some traditional drawings on it, a skirt-like wrapper, beaded cap, beaded walking stick, and other kinds of beads for the men.

Fashion in this part of the country is incomplete without the beads. Beads has its own natural way of bringing out a special kind of beauty in a woman particularly. We have different kinds and sizes for different purposes. For men, wearing a bead on the neck or hand as the case may be signifies royalty. So ladies that Benin man sitting next to you with a bead on his hand might just be a prince *wink* so watch out!
These days during traditional wedding ceremonies, along side the rich colorful wrapper and well placed bead is a face with flawless makeover. Makeup has this different but almost irresistible beauty it adds to a face (for the ladies). Now don't get me wrong, women are naturally beautiful, but makeup has a way of making a woman look perfect on her big day.

With the rich specially made wrapper, well beaded hair and other well placed beads, a Benin bride is one of the most beautiful bride you can find in Nigeria I can assure you.

I am hoping other cultures ain't getting jealous, *lol*
Guess what? My next edition promises to blow us out of our minds so stay logged on. I can imagine all my Benin folks feeling like super stars. Trust me, I know that feeling.
Wow! Seeing those pictures makes me want to get married this moment, easy there gurl! Lolzz. I have obviously learnt a lot, I bet you also did. From the fad front of CreamNaija..I love you, fly your culture and glam in it like you care!!‎

Article Written by Adaolise Azike  

Brides attire and make-up by PRECIOUS MAKEOVER- BBM: 2BB4C693

Photos by DevineConcept Creativity- BBM: 2B28233C

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