I was born a baby but my DREAM ain't one....#TOO YOUNG?

I was born a baby but my DREAM ain't one....#TOO YOUNG?

They say I'm too young
Too young to chase after my dreams
Too young to try and make a difference
Too young to be a leader
They say, "leave it for the adults", but I am one in my mind
Too young to help
Too young to try and do good
Too young to be brave
But no matter what they say,
I am never too young to dream
Too Young For Good by Livia 

 Amidst the busy schedule for the year; from research to studying (yea! I went back to school, not the conventional one though *grins*) one thing kept going through my mind "word bully".
It is apparent that even as it is becoming obvious daily that the younger generation hold the key to the future, there are some lingering issues that needs to be treated and one of such is the "word bully".

I believe most of us reading this can relate to the early part  of our lives and even now were older adults and even our peers would tell us straight to our faces words like "you're just crazy!!!" or "your are wasting your time" or "you either dumb or stupid, grow up" and the bomb shell "You are too young for what you are dreaming of....face your studies!!!"

I was born a baby but my DREAM ain't one....#TOO YOUNG?
Well I will be starting a series (#TooYoung?) and will be having guest posts on this series with different accounts and scenarios and guidance on how to navigate through this . You don't want to miss this.

N.B: This blog will be having a new look soon!!!!!!! be on the look out.

*Can I ask you something personal? are you #TooYoung? for your Dream because you were told so?
Please drop your comments as it will help others. Thank you!

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