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Look like an Authority without Breaking the Bank- Emmanuella Togun

How To Look Like An Authority Look Without Breaking The Bank- Emmanuella Togun

Hi guys. I'm Ella and i'm excited to be featured on here. I'm a makeup artist and beauty and lifestyle blogger atwww.bodylinebyella.blogspot.com. I groom people for success and teach people how to look their best, behave like a million bucks and enjoy moments. I believe in making the best of every moment, which is why I always encourage people to always put out their best face.

Putting out your best face is way deeper than having a flawless face beat, that is extremely key but grooming and countenance draws the thin line between struggle and slay.
If you read my blog or any of my articles, I always mention how good grooming and a great physical appearance can take you far. Alot of people try to downplay the importance of paying attention to looks, they call it vain or superficial. Dont get me wrong, an obsession with looks is unhealthy but paying adequate attention to the little details make a big difference.
Psychological studies have shown that people are more receptive to people who appeal to their eyes and will usually be more hostile to unpleasant looking people, its just the law of attraction.
Putting your best face forward can improve your confidence, grow your network, improve your tastes and make you look more like an authority.
Below, I have my top 5 tips on how to always put your best face forward:

 How To Look Like An Authority Look Without Breaking The Bank- Emmanuella Togun

1. You're not fully dressed without a smile: Annie couldn't have said it any better. Smiling can take you from a 2 to a 10 real quick (okay I may have exaggerated a little). Warm your way into the hearts of whoever is watching by casting your best smile. Fake smiles are offensive so try to find genuine reasons to smile. A smile radiates and lights up your face and makes you alot more attractive.
2. Pick clothes that fit: Understanding your physique and complexion will let you make better wardrobe choices. Understanding how patterns can flatter or not flatter you or how certain colours make you look more alive can help you make better choices when purchasing new clothes. Also making sure your clothes are the right size and the right cut will make you look smarter and more comfortable in your clothes.
3. Pay attention to your hair, skin and nails: Of course I wasnt going to leave without talking about the little things that matter the most. Taking care of your hair skin and nails will up your game drastically. Basically, here you need to concentrate on cleanliness and neatness. Guys should have their hairs well cut and combed and ladies should wear hair styles that not only look good but are neat. Nails should be kept clean, give yourself a manicure (yes, even you sir) so you wouldnt dread giving handshakes. I cant even start on the skin! Keep it clean and moisturised so it doesnt look neglected.
 How To Look Like An Authority Look Without Breaking The Bank- Emmanuella Togun

4. Understand your face and get a signature makeup look: This is most relevant to the ladies, you need to sit infront of your mirror one day and study yourself. Alot of makeup disasters can be avoided if we learnt how to love our features and flatter our best parts. For example, I studied my face; I know my eyes and lips are cute so when making up I draw attention to those areas. For getting a signature look; I'ld always advice a nude clean look. Its not intimidating and I think its mature. Groom your eyebrows and take care of your face skin, these little things make makeup appear better. And very important, whatever you do in makeup BLEND IT.
5. Accesorize: I love accesories. Accesories can make a simple outfit look a million times better. The difference wearing a cufflink, a necklace or carrying a great bag can make on your whole esemble cannot be understated.
You musnt always wear statement clothes, but if your shoes, bag, frames, wristwatch or jewery is beautiful it covers for the dress. People are always curious about accessories so add an accesory or two to your next outfit.
 How To Look Like An Authority Look Without Breaking The Bank- Emmanuella Togun

Thanks for reading, I'm sure you're ready to 'SLAY!'

For more detailed posts on personal grooming, makeup tips, hair and skin care and having a beautiful life, follow my blog www.bodylinebyella.blogspot.com

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