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Play Time Is Over: Social Media is Serious Business Now.

I remember a time when my teachers told me to "Leave Facebook and Face my Books". The perception of most people at the time was that social media and even the internet was a place to spend one's leisure. Serious time or attention was not to be spent on these " distractions". While these opinions were most likely correct circa 2005, today they cannot be further from the truth. A lot of Internet based startups are hitting it big everyday and social media platforms - once mere leisure tools - are a very serious considerations in business models.

When the boom in the use of mobile computing products happened, there came along with it a change in the way people communicated. No longer did they have to send mails over the post office or make calls at phone booths. I remember following my mother to the NITEL office three bus stops away from my house in Benin and waiting for over one hour in the queue just to make a phone call to my father in Akure. Now emails and phone calls can easily be sent and placed from the comfort of wherever you are.

Changes in how people communicate always affect how business is done. In eras when long distance communication was all but impossible all trade was done with people in the immediate environment. However, as the reach of communication (and transportation, of course) increased, the reach of businesses also increased. The ways people did this business was also fundamentally changed. 

So, as I'm sure you'll be asking now, what's the reason for all this long yarns? Well, it's pretty simple. Remember how last year all those live streaming apps(Periscope and Meerkat) generated a lot of buzz. Facebook earlier this year, launched one of their own called Facebook Live. It looks kinda like Instagram considering they own that too.

Now you are like "Ehen? You still haven't made a point oh!". I'm getting to it. " Nor vex".
In simple terms, Communication is undergoing another revolution. Social Media is aggressively taking over communication channels that traditionally belonged elsewhere. Imagine watching a live event on your (free) Facebook feed. What's now the point of that your expensive satellite TV subscription? This means that the world might be making a switch from conventional entertainment and infotainment (radio, television, newspaper and what have you) to social media.
If(actually, When) this switch happens, it will once again change how business is done. In fact, it's already happening.According to the guys at LyfeMarketing.com, the cost per impression for a traditional advert is 22.8 times the CPM for a social media advert. Simply put, it's far cheaper to do a social media advert.

This means that us Naija tech savvy entrepreneurs should be positioning (or should have already positioned) ourselves to take full advantage of this change.
This isn't really an ideas forum(if I had a really good idea, I wouldn't blog about it now, I'd just do it and become a billionaire) but just an idea, what if some brilliant (and handsome) entrepreneur (like me) decided to create Live Adverts where potential clients could watch potential ....job doers.... Perform jobs live. 

Whether that's a workable idea or not, the point is that there are numerous business opportunities and strategies to be found in the world of social media("Really? That's your point? Why didn't you just say so at the beginning? "). So social media shouldn't just be an afterthought but should have a place in the core of your business. If for nothing else, for the wide audience it can be used to reach. Not to mention the often cost-free way of getting things done or even the new and innovative services being added on them everyday.

So in summation, don't just go on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or BBM or even 2go(Seriously, though?) just to while away time. Make sure you're going there to do business. Remember they say Business before Pleasure.

I'll have gist on this Facebook Live business next week so stay tuned!

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