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Remember not to be a people user but connect by caring and bringing to the table your best- Bridget Elesin, Certified Masters Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programing

I am Bridget Elesin, I am originally from Edo State but by marriage from Ekiti State.
I had my primary and tertiary education in Delta and Edo state. I attended Palmer primary school in Sapele and moved to Benin to Adesuwa Primary school for my grade 6 and primary school certification, afterwards, I attended Idia college in Benin and Edo state University now known as Ambrose Alli University where I studied Geography and Regional planning. I also did a post graduate diploma program in Public administration in the university of Benin. I am an Alumni of the All Nations For Christ Bible Institute in Benin city Edo State. I am also a certified relationship and marriage coach/ Family Life Practitioner plus a certified Masters practitioner of Neuro linguistic Programing - NLP . I currently coach and mentor people to be the best of who they are created to be and I am passionate about mentoring men to become better fathers and husbands.

I am passionate about people, so I noticed early that people get drawn to me as I encourage them and it was easy to see I had a gift in encouraging people then I volunteered in church and organizations where I could be useful with my gift of counseling and encouragement. Along the way, I was encouraged to do some professional certifications which has helped me to learn and also teach others to do what I do.

I will say forever! Lol. I was born to encourage and coach people. 

It's funny that what I do is not your typical business, it started as a passion which I ended up sharing by starting a group on face book about 7 years ago. The group Next Generation of Fathers started because I saw a need to mentor and coach men. I didn't need funds to start but as I began to encourage men to be better by writing a daily and sometimes weekly post. I ended up publishing my first book titled "Fathers, you. Must take the lead" . The money to publish my first book came from my husband supported by my brother in-love who printed the first copies from Canada.

I read a lot, and learn from the bible, books and online. I also have coaches and mentors I learn from. All this and tapping my husband's brain gives me ideas. Lol

The truth is I am a woman of many parts; I am involved in event planning and management. I started a company with my husband called Grace Perspective Limited but had to stay home to become a "domestic goddess" as my family grew in number. Right now, I am strategizing to start working as an event planner with emphasis on bespoke weddings and the edge I intend to bring in is to ensure my relationship coaching goes hand in hand with managing event for the about to wed couple.

My work as a domestic goddess is top priority, this means I ensure my family and home is well taken care of, so that takes up most of my time but I ensure I read for at least two hours everyday to learn and think through things I write on different social media platforms, and speaking engagements I have. 

My greatest fear will be losing my relationship with God. I am a spiritual person and everything I am and have has been by God's grace. So my greatest fear will be losing my relationship with God. How do I manage fear? Lol.. I trust in God and replace fear with faith! The truth is I pray a lot, so whenever I sense fear, I get into God's word and spend time praying and praising God. Talking to my husband also helps, He is one person that has helped me to overcome whatever fear I face from time to time.

Wow! I am passion personified as one word to describe me will be "passion" . I am a passionista! Lol. I am passionate about the things of God, family, people, learning and teaching others to become a better version of themselves.

Success is not in the things I have, success is living my purpose of being a good wife and destiny helper to my husband, a good mother to my children, both biological, adopted and spiritual. A good daughter to my parents; biological and spiritual, a loyal friend to my siblings and friends and a blessing to humanity.

I tend to procrastinate a lot and it is not good at all. Lol. I am learning to do things with a sense of urgency. I tell myself just do it and go on a holiday doing what you love..lol.

My influences are too many, I am a product of so many mentors and coaches. Lol. My major influence are my parents; I grew up learning how to read from my Dad.. Today, I read and have passed on that habit of reading to my children, my mum exposed us to watching movies and other educative programs early with Indian films being her favorite. So my parents influenced me in the area of reading, seeing the media as a tool plus business. I never met my parents working for anyone, they were self employed, and so till date I think more as an entrepreneur than an employee.
One other big influence I have is Oprah Winfrey, I used to sit and watch her talk shows and till date I still get her shows recorded to watch for hours. I love encouraging and helping people in every way I can, so the media is my thing and she amongst so many others have been a huge influence.
Wow, life happens to everyone of us. I can be very trusting and have seen betrayals from friends I have helped in business and other ways. Every day, I get disappointed , I self talk and give an excuse for the person's behavior. I have learnt how to let go and forgive people. Like I said, I pray and unforgiveness will not help me flow in prayers, so I have learnt to trust God to help me to see everyone the way He sees them.
I am not your regular entrepreneur but I ensure whatever I do, I give it my best. So in all I do, I ensure I go the extra mile to treat my clients right.. My clients here include my family, friends, those that invite me to speak, those I am privilege to coach or mentor , those I sell my products to and those I plan plus manage their events. Sometimes I am stretched in every way to ensure my client is happy but the joy of knowing I have done my best with my client acknowledging my effort is worth all the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

For the kind of work I do, you must understand your client and what they want. Every entrepreneur must know what their customers want and give the service to ensure they come back or refer you to someone else .
Being an entrepreneur and a successful one means you must be patient. It takes time to turn your dreams into reality, so give yourself time to go through the process of growing your business and clientele base.
So many things to do; Everything long term is to reinforce my purpose of being a blessing and living everyone better than the way I met them.. My major long term goal will be to touch lives through medical out reaches and the media. I am a kingdom woman by my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I want to see people's lives transformed as basic medical care , food, clothes and shelter are given to improve their quality of life. I want to have an academy where men will be taught to know who they are and become better fathers and husbands. Finally I want to be part family center where everything that concerns the family can be addressed and also have a help center for counseling.
Know what you want to do. Is it something you have a passion for? Learn and learn until you become the best and one of the preferred in that line of business. You must also build  people's skill. All you want, you will get if you connect with the right people. Remember not to be a people user but connect by caring and bringing to the table your best.

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