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Aligning Yourself with Career Opportunities - Ifoghale Efeturi

 Aligning Yourself with Career Opportunities - Ifoghale Efeturi
I would like to congratulate you for making it this far in this inspiring series. Did you try out the exercise I gave you yesterday on discovering yourself? If you did and you now have a better understanding of yourself do you know what? You are already standing out from the crowd. Your sharpness has increased. You are better positioned to make strategic career decisions.

Nobody is good for nothing. Everybody is good for something. Finding that thing we are good for is what we must all strategically do for ourselves. 

Now, when it comes to making a career choice the very first thing to look out for is not the potential financial returns or the prestige and fame that goes with pursuing that career. The first thing to look out for is the personality and character strengths that career demands. Failure to do this is why there are many people making a lot of money but they are frustrated and hate their jobs. Almost every day they are thinking about how they can leave that profession and do something more fulfilling. There is actually nothing wrong with the job they are doing. Their challenge is the disconnect between their strengths and the demands of that profession. That disconnect is what I want to help you overcome.

It’s like using a bread knife to cut grass or using a cutlass to cut bread. They are both cutting instruments but they are best suited for different things. You can think about what a profession entails but if you can verify it would even be better. For example what type of personality and strengths are needed for a Marketing Professional? How about for an Administrative Officer or an Information Technology Expert or a Theatre Artist or a Nurse or a Lawyer? How do you know which of these professions is best for you if you don’t know what is required in these professions? 

When a career talk program is showcasing different professions, the personality and character demands of different profession are the most important things you should look out for. If you are an organizer of such a program please make sure that this part of the program is adequately emphasized. This is the internal structure that supports the external results that are produced in those professions.

The greatest benefit of discovering yourself is that you will know WHAT YOU CAN DO BEST? Many people have come to me to say they are looking for a job and when I ask them what they want to do they end up saying ANYTHING. Can you relate with this? Well, I know you can do anything but what can you do best? Discovering yourself will help you answer that.

When you know what you want to do it is easier to identify opportunities that will make you achieve it. I must say here that you don’t exactly have to quit your job because you think you are not best suited for it. Because of necessity or the economy you can do any job but you must not give up on discovering yourself and choosing the right career that you were made for. Have career fulfillment in mind and start planning on how you can switch into the career you are best suited for. Use the money, experience and connections you have on your present job to develop and prepare yourself for your strategic shift for your career fulfillment. 

To end today’s edition I want you to think about the personality and strengths needed in various professions and list out different professions that you think your personality and strengths are best suited for.

We shall pick up from here tomorrow. Thank you so much for progressing with me on this inspiring journey. Much more sharpening and inspiration is coming your way. Catch you tomorrow!

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