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How to Discover Yourself for Career Fulfillment- Ifoghale Efeturi

 How to Discover Yourself for Career Fulfillment- Ifoghale Efeturi
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The first major step in choosing your rightful career is understanding and discovering yourself. How much do you really know yourself? Until you know your ‘edge’ you would not know what you are best suited to cut. The word ‘edge’ here refers to your strengths, passions and abilities, while the phrase ‘what you are best suited to cut’ refers to the set of work related activities that you will be most effective in. Your features are a clue to your functions. The reason why you have unique attributes, personality and natural gifting is because of the unique set of work related activities that you are supposed to be doing on this earth. Discovering yourself will arm you with the right basis to make strategic decisions on the set of professions where you can function maximally in.

A great man called Steve Harris once said “it is not what you don’t have that limits you. It’s what you have but don’t know how to use”. I’ll like to add to that by saying not knowing how to use what you have is bad but not knowing what you have is even worse. Whenever you are asked for example in an interview panel to talk about yourself one of the things the panel is looking out for is how much you have been able to discover yourself.

To discover yourself, you must first of all value yourself and know that you are special. Everything about you is unique and important. Knowing you are special plays a great role in helping you make progress in the continuous journey of discovering yourself. To discover yourself, you must secondly be willing to study and observe yourself. You must be willingly to step out of yourself per se and define and describe yourself based on your observations of yourself. 

There are various tools, models and parameters that are available for you to use in discovering yourself. You can also find a lot of them on the internet. One of them is the RIASEC Personality Model developed by John Holland. RIASEC is an acronym for Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. I will briefly describe these personality types below:

  • Realistic refers to a personality that tends more towards practical hands-on problems and solutions 
  • Investigative refers to a personality that tends more towards ideas, thinking, research
  • Artistic refers to a personality that tends more towards works that are dynamic in nature and require creative expressions of things. 
  • Social refers to a personality that tends more towards communicating, relating and being of help and service to people.
  • Enterprising refers to a personality that tends more towards engaging in profitable projects, business ventures and leading people towards attaining such common goals.
  • Conventional refers to a personality that tends more towards work that requires consistent following of laid down routines and processes effectively. 
I also like the PIES Intelligence/ Interest Model. PIES is also an acronym for Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual. I’ll briefly explain these different types of intelligence and interests below:
  • Physical Intelligence refers to the interest in the use of ones physical abilities to achieve or create things; could be voice or movement of parts of the body.
  • Intellectual Intelligence refers to the interest in the use of the mind to achieve or create things; e.g thinking, planning, calculating, strategizing etc.
  • Emotional Intelligence refers to the interest in communicating, connecting, interacting and relating with people.
  • Spiritual Intelligence refers to the interest in the personality, character, behaviour and relationship with God of others. 
For these two models we have discussed it is important to note that everyone of us has about all of these traits and attributes in us in different measures. We are however sharper or have some more in us than we have the others. The ones we have more are what we can use to discover our edge or strengths and the work related activities that these strengths are best suited for.

In wrapping up this episode of our series I’ll like to give you three simple questions that you can ask yourself and after answering them you can use any of these models above to list out your strengths and collate those that you have more in you. When you are answering these questions or using any other self discovery questionnaire or module please don’t be too serious and uptight like if you are writing an exam. Be free and relaxed and write down what comes to your mind first. 

The only instruction for this exercise is “don’t be afraid, there is no wrong answer. Write whatever comes to your mind first.” So are you ready for the questions? Here they are: 

  1. What things are usually very easy for you to do?
  2. What things do you really enjoy doing?
  3. What things do people usually commend or deeply appreciate you for whenever you do them?
Write out as many answers as possible to these questions and don’t limit you answers to anything. It can be play, work, serious things and unserious things. There are traits of your personality, strengths and intelligence in every single thing that you do. Just be natural and flow with your answers. The more your answers the better. When you are through with your answers, go back to any of the two models I have listed here for you and put a letter or letters signifying the personality or intelligence you think that answer portrays in bracket. When you are through with this, sum up how many of each personality or intelligence you have in your answers then take out the first two as your edge or strengths.

If you would like me to help you analyze your strengths or to verify your analysis, you can send your answers to me via this email address: iefeturi@gmail.com 

We shall pick up from here tomorrow. Thank you so much for choosing to embark on this journey with me. I’m so excited about the progress we are making on this journey and I believe that this world will not recover from the great positive effect that this series is going to have on you. I earnestly look forward to your great career success stories. Bye for now.

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