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INTRODUCTION: Why bother about Career Fulfilment? - Ifoghale Efeturi

 Principles for Strategic Career Fulfillment: Why bother about Career Fulfilment? - Ifoghale Efeturi
Any job can give you money and experience but together with money and experience, engaging in your rightful career will give you a deep sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in the activities you are engaged in. 

Photographer and Founder of Humans of New York
Whether you are doing it for yourself or you are doing it for someone or an organisation, this fulfillment is indeed very priceless. It is a foundation for living a phenomenal life.

The fulfillment that comes from engaging in your career will make you feel like an organism in its natural habitat; just like fish in water and a bird in the sky. Like a round peg in a round hole, you will know that you are doing what you were made for and it will feel like you are fulfilling destiny and not just working per se.

Rising to the top and making impact in the lives of others is more natural when you are engaged in a profession that is your rightful career.

It is much easier to have great dreams, ideas, innovations, initiatives and aspirations when you are engaged in a profession that is your career and not just any job. 

You wouldn't just be going through the motions just to get by with each day's task. You will have an unusual passion for what you are doing.

Monday mornings will become a great joy to you. Your alarm clock wouldn't be what wakes you up. It's the dreams and ideas that you want to set out to achieve that will be waking you up.

The passion that comes from this fulfillment will make you able to face and overcome challenges on the road to your career fulfillment. 

I'm sure there are million dollar questions going on in your mind right now like "am I just doing a job or am I in my rightful career?"...."is it still possible for me to discover and fulfill my rightful career?".... Well, these and many more questions are going to be answered as we make progress together in this inspiring series.
  • You can look forward to receiving inspiring insights on the following:
  • How to discover yourself
  • How to adequately align yourself with career opportunities 
  • The role of your passion and dreams in your career fulfillment. 
  • Why and how to write and update your personal profile & C.V. 
  • How to strategically develop yourself.
  • Why and how to D.A.R.E (Dive, Attempt, Risk & Experiment)
The role of Time, Relationship & Money Management in Career Fulfillment.
We are going to have some practical exercises and you can reach me anytime via email on iefeturi@gmail.com

Thank you so much for choosing to embark upon this journey with me. We'll stop here today but I earnestly look forward to a very fruitful and fulfilling journey together with you in this series. Because of your willingness to follow this series, I already see you maximising your potentials and strategically taking your career fulfillment to the next level. Start seeing it for yourself also. We'll pick up from here tomorrow.

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