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The Role of your Passion and Dreams in your Career Fulfillment- Ifoghale Efeturi

 The Role of your Passion and Dreams in your Career Fulfillment- Ifoghale Efeturi

One major thing that differentiates people in various professions and careers that they are engaged in is the dreams that they have and the passion by which they are going about pursuing and fulfilling these dreams that they have. So today I want to challenge you to dream and to be more passionate about your life. 

 The Role of your Passion and Dreams in your Career Fulfillment- Ifoghale EfeturiThere is an acronym that was used to teach us the characteristics of living things in primary school in Nigeria. Did any of you ever hear of this acronym MR NIGER D? We were taught that living things experience M (Movement) R (Respiration) N (Nutrition) I (Irritability) G (Growth) E (Excretion) R (Reproduction) and D (Death).

I agree with the first 7 letters of this acronym but I don’t agree with the 8th letter and I will tell you why in a moment. I believe that as a human being you should M (Move) R (Breathe) N (Eat) I (Respond adequately) G (Grow) E (Remove waste from your system) R (Produce your kind) just like the original words given to these letters. But to me the letter D should stand for Dreams. 

The reason is people who have dreams don’t really die. Even after they leave this earth they keep living in the hearts of those who they have impacted with their lives. Their dreams give life to others and inspire others to have dreams also. Dreams make you live for a purpose and calling that is beyond yourself; something that will impact even generations yet unborn. Your Dreams will produce an uncommon Discipline and Drive in you that will push you to achieve them. Someone once said your dreams will enlarge you until you are big enough to achieve them.

I once heard a powerful quote from a great man who is also a friend of mine, His name is Yoma Victor. He said ‘genius is childhood revisited’. He said one of the problems many people have with growing older is losing the ability to dream. 

When we were children we had great dreams and aspirations of things we wanted to do and achieve but somehow as we grew older it seemed like life began to happen to us and we began to lose our hopes and aspirations because of the difficulties and frustrations that we were facing. We became satisfied with just living ordinary lives and just satisfied with passing by and not making an indelible mark in the sands of time. When we were children we dreamt with the mindset that anything is possible. Losing that mindset is one of the worst things that can ever happen to anybody.

Assuming anything is possible, what things would you like to do and what places would you like to go on this earth? What impact would you like to make in the lives of others? What would you like to create? What would you like to do differently? If your mind can conceive it, your hands can achieve it. Don’t abort your dreams. Go back to those dreams that you have ignored and begin to nurse them again. One major secret to being passionate is having great dreams. The proof of passion is pursuit. Whether your dreams are in line with your career or not they would generate passion in you. Passion you need to live a phenomenal life. 

I believe that every H.U.M.A.N was made to Help Us Meet A Need. I believe that You. Are. Needed. Don’t leave this earth until you have met that need and solved that problem that you were born to solve. What problems in society do you believe you are born to solve? What value would you like to create? What impact would you like to make in the lives of others? Please don’t take those ideas, businesses, organizations, initiatives, songs, dramas, products, solutions, poems, messages, books, inspiration or some other positive influence and hope with you to the grave. Value what you have or know. Develop it and pour it out so well for the world to be a better place. Unleash your full potential to this world. 

Let people call you crazy. It is a sign that you are on the part to greatness for no man who ever achieved anything great was believed in by those who wanted to just be normal. Be inspired today and never lose this inspiration. 

Finally I would like to use an illustration that Stephen Covey used in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. He said write down everything you would like to be said about you during your funeral ceremony. Take those things as your life mission and also write out the things you need to do to achieve those things and take them as your objectives and things that you need to prioritize in your life right now.

I really hope I have been able to inspire you today. We shall pick up from here tomorrow. Thank you so much for being a part of this inspiring series. Please endeavour to do some thinking and write down something about your life and dreams today. Catch you tomorrow!

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