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Tips for being more Strategic in Developing Yourself- Ifoghale Efeturi

Developing yourself greatly increases your effectiveness, your value and your capacity. Developing yourself generates more power into you; power to deliver whatever you are engaged in at a higher voltage and as such make more impact than you are currently making. There are great seeds in you that need to be turned into trees. There are great talents in you that need to be turned into skills. Developing yourself can actually have a metamorphosis effect on you. It can transform you like a caterpillar can be transformed into a butterfly and you will be surprised at the rate of growth and change in your own life. 

There was a time that availability of knowledge and opportunities to develop ourselves was the challenge but right now the challenge we face is that there seems to be so much knowledge and opportunities available that we need to be more strategic to maximize them. Knowledge and opportunities for training and development are now available in various formats, prices and sizes. Two things that will help you to identify and maximize the right knowledge and opportunities for you to develop yourself are being deliberate and specific about what you want and making developing yourself a priority. The following will help you to be more strategic in developing yourself:
  1. Clearly define yourself: You are a multifaceted person i.e. though you are one person you have various responsibilities and you play various roles in your life. List out all your responsibilities and every role you play down to your family roles. Whether you are student, business person, job seeker, husband, wife, son, brother just list them all out. Then ask yourself which of these responsibilities and roles you require more training and development in and make plans for how to develop yourself in these responsibilities and roles. 
  2. Be willing to make sacrifices: As you identify good sources of necessary training and development be willing to give your all to grab and maximize those opportunities. They will greatly pay off in the long run. 
  3.  Value education and be a passionate reader: One good thing about formal education is that a lot of learning and training is packaged and made available to you in a very organized and relatively short time. Reading makes you charge and impregnate your mind with the wisdom of great people. 
  4. Desire exposure: Be an inquisitive person. Desire to research and discover new things. Ask questions. Desire to develop new capacities and competencies. Be willing to take risks. We’ll talk more about taking risks in the next edition of this series. 
  5.  Value coaching and Mentorship: Mentorship reduces the learning curve. 30mins with a mentor can do more for you than a whole year of feasibility study. Like with learning how to drive sometimes all you need is someone to guide you and show you what to do to bring out the skill and ability that was always in you all the while. I have learnt recently that one way to learn from mentors is to be willing to render a service to them e.g. by assisting them in whatever they are engaged in. 
  6. Do not only develop skills, also develop habits: Be ready to value and practice whatever you are learning until it becomes a part of you. It is true that knowledge is power but applied knowledge is real power. Do not only build on your strengths. Work on minimizing and eradicating your weaknesses also. Little adjustments in major areas can bring about great results. Make adjustments and take correction as you learn and grow. 
  7. Decide to remain consistent in developing yourself: Real training and development has to be initiated from within you. Don’t wait to be pushed to develop yourself. Continually motivate yourself and take initiative to keep making progress on this great limitless journey of developing yourself.

We’ll pick up from here tomorrow. I am grateful and excited for the great progress we have made together in this inspiring series. Endeavour to make some deliberate decisions as regards developing yourself today. Catch you tomorrow!

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