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Writing and Updating Your Personal Profile and CV- Ifoghale Efeturi

 Writing and Updating Your Personal Profile and  CV- Ifoghale Efeturi

Incase you have not been following you can read through the PART ONE, TWO, THREE AND FOUR to appreciate this course more.

Your Personal Profile Statement is basically a document containing a record of every value that you have created in the past. In a simpler way, we can say it is a record of everything you have done in the past especially as it relates to work related activities that you have engaged in. In it you are to write out every service or solution you have provided, every project you have engaged in and even every training that you have taken part in. Your personal profile statement can play a great role in opening your eyes to the great potential that is locked up inside you. 

Three major benefits of writing and updating your personal profile statement are:

  1. Motivation for Greater Value Creation. Your personal profile statement can help you convince either yourself or a potential employer or partner of the value you can create. You can develop yourself in areas you have worked before or you can pursue things you have done before as an entrepreneur. You must also remember that whenever you apply to render a service or contract to an individual or organization you are not the one looking for help. It is that individual or organization that is looking for help. You are looking for a greater opportunity to create value and the greatest way you can prove that you are qualified to create that value is your record of the value you have created in the past. This is one thing your personal profile statement can do for you. 
  2. Resource for Updating Your CV: There are many areas in your CV like your core competence or strengths/ potentials that you can fill out from the information in your personal profile statement. When you are asked during interviews why you say you have those strengths you can give them details from what you wrote down in your personal profile statement. You can also fill out your work experience from here. 
  3.  Resource for Writing Your Public Profile Statement: There will be certain times and places where your profile may be required like behind a book your author or when you are to give a presentation to an audience or on your website or the website of an organization where you are a member of the board of directors or even on your social media pages. Many people have been told to send their profiles and that was when they hurriedly tried to scribble a few things they could remember about themselves and in the process they left out a lot of vital details about themselves. Writing and updating your personal profile statement would help you develop your public profile statement with ease. 
There are certain things and places where you may have volunteered to do certain things in the past. Write down what you did there. The fact that you were not paid for doing it doesn’t mean you did not or cannot do it. Write out everything you have done either by yourself or together with others. Whether you did it for yourself or for others; just write it down. The more you can write the better. 

Now I will say a few important things to note about your CV.
Each work experience that you have is supposed to have these four major parts:

Position (or Job Title):


Job Responsibilities:


For the organization, remember to add the location (i.e. town and state if possible) to the name of the organization. For Job Responsibilities, think very well and list out every single task or duty you were engaged in and separate them with comas. The more you can write the better. For duration, write the month and year you began, put a dash and write the month and year you ended it. Start from the most recent and list the others after it.

Let your CV be as clean and neat as new currency notes; because in actual fact they can do more for you than new currency notes. Proofread your CV carefully and eliminate typographical errors. Do not fold your CV. Put it in an A4 envelope. Let the photocopy be as clear as the original. Many people will see your CV first before they see you. Let your CV make a good statement of your impeccable excellence. 

Remember to always customize both your CV and Public Profile to suit the purpose for which it is requested. That is try to highlight more of the details and experiences that will be necessary for the purpose it is being requested. Do not wait till you are about to apply for another job before you update your personal profile statement or CV. From time to time write down every new task you remember engaging in. 

I have chosen to spend more time talking about personal profile because I believe it is more important than your CV and also because I know you are more likely to get samples of a CV around you than samples of a personal profile statement.

For any further questions you may have as regards your personal profile statement or CV please feel free to send me a mail via this address: iefeturi@gmail.com

Thank you so much for taking part in this inspiring series with me. Monday will be another exciting and inspiring day. Endeavour to write out something about yourself today. Catch you Monday!

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