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The human is a masterpiece! A wonderful complex phenomenon on the planet earth! Homo sapiens have exploded throughout the earth since the creation of the universe, by interactions with one another. We have strived on the planet by innovating, creating and distributing ideas, inventions, and discoveries to make ourselves more comfortable. We have experienced various encounters in the environment; other fellow human beings and the supernatural realm that has shaped us into what we are, who we are and where you see yourself.

The human spirit is basically made up of energy. It can’t be touched or seen but it is what we really are. It is powerful and has changed the tides of countless situations. Take a look at past heroes; those that were beaten, slain, jailed, tortured but never gave up. It was not because their bodies were so strong or that they were insane to go through that but because their passion or reason for their cause comes from the spirit. It cant be broken. We have to take heed to the thing we hear and see because words are powerful and can destroy the spirit. The only way to protect your spirit is to have the right words and believe as a comeback. Trust me, they are people out there that would do anything to break your spirit, so its left for to decide, would what they do to me get to me? Would they have the upper hand? The choice is yours.

The human mind is so powerful that it can create as well as destroy. Some people take it for granted that what is said or seen is stored in the mind and since it has 3 parts: the conscious, the sub-conscious and the unconscious the information that we take in from the environment is stored in the mind. Sometimes if left unchecked it sips to the sub-conscious and then unconscious and we start acting and believing that way. Don’t let the issues of life, what people have said; saying or would say about you change who God says you are. Decide today to train your mind to know what you want to be in there or not. Practice makes perfect. The only thing deeper than a black hole is the mind.

The human body is wonderful. It can adapt to any environment because it has the most developed mind in the planet and houses the spirit. It is the door or gateway to which people can gain access to the other two. It has to be maintained and up-to-date on the latest trends. It is through the body people know what’s on your mind, your likes and dislikes, emotions being expressed and so on. Whatever you allow to be channeled through the body would be deciphered in the mind and from there penetrate the spirit. You have to fully protect the body from the environment. Not necessarily hate everything you hear or see or feel about people but to be able to filter what is acceptable or not to you. 

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