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You cannot be the Sum Total of a Group, You are Unique but Some might never find Their USP- Tochukwu MacFoy a.k.a Dr. Foy

My name is Macfoy Tochukwu, a trained Medical Doctor (graduated from Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo State, Nigeria) with media experience and I currently work for Viacom International. Dr. Foy is a goofy person, I think seriousness is capital , so I Invest it in things that are profitable.

After Secondary School you realize that your are either a science student or an art student, they now add commercial or may be government student but I think there’s so much more than that.
I struggled through med- school, I even left for a year to mass-com, my dad was the one who carried me home and convinced me to finish med school.
I had issues with concentrating and I used my I-phone 4 to record most of my classes and would listen to them as I restlessly traveled too either perform a song or mc a show, in retrospect I think I was crazy.
I remember back then in my University church I was performing a song and I thought to jump to the crowd, I did, no one caught me, I fell on a girl , who had issues with her leg, I broke the chair and almost left her other leg injured, so combining this kind of madness with my medicine was a herculean task, but I finished, or lets say God helped me.
In retrospect, as a media and marketing consultant, I am grateful I finished med school and practiced for a bit, and will still use health and medicine as a tool of social change
I wish we can focus more on personality types in respect to Education and career, and remove the boxes of science art and commercial, and let the secondary school be a bespoke journey to finding your personality and passion.
I had a mentor who said the best way to get someone out of depression is to throw them in a pool and hold their head under water. Pretty soon, they’re not depressed at all. They’re not focused on how they look, what their dad called them when they were 11, or how the economy is. Why?
Because they’ve switched from being personality-driven to purpose-driven. They’ve been placed in a situation where they have no option but to be extremely focused on a single mission: to get their heads above water so they can breathe again.
Their heart rate goes up. Their adrenaline kicks in. They feel alive, maybe for the first time ever.
Look at kids... They don’t learn to walk because they’re worried about looking stupid. They learn to walk because they want to go dump out the fishbowl and they’re tired of falling down and slamming their soft heads into the ground.
It’s incredibly inconvenient, but our minds are designed to be focused on problems. Like, important ones. Like the ones our ancestors had to deal with for many, many moons. Problems like being able to fend off saber tooth tigers, cure themselves of dysentery, fend off cholera, and kill home invaders in the days before this nifty little thing we call 9–1–1 and burglar alarms, we need to have schools that focus solutions and being relevant, not on just the need to go to school.

I think being original inspires me a lot, I respect from Ibukun Awosika, to Steve Babeko, to Kanye West, to Kanu Nwankwo etc.When God made you in his image and likeness, he put a bit of himself, that no-one can reproduce, only him can., so we need to confident In who we are, yes we must harness our skills, learn leadership. Get trained and polished, but it must come out of a place that appreciates who you are from Gods creative hands.

I completely fault the educational system of Nigeria and hope we improve as soon as possible.We cannot mass  produce human beings in a very subjective world
No one really is average, you cannot be the sum total of  a group, you are unique, but some might never find their USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

I don't think I have an official day, but my first single or MC job, or performance was back in the university in 2006.
I was lucky to get by with both, I failed exams of course, but I thank God for HIS Mercy

I think my brand is coined from this phrase, "Freedom is Capital", William Burroughs quoted, whenever you are threatened by a hostile presence, emit a thick cloud of love like an octopus squirts out ink, I cannot totally say that my brand is different but I say it is founded on freedom, joy, and purpose.
It comes on 2 fronts, I have to prove to the Christians that we need to be kings and lights in "Babylon", we need to do relevant music, and be actually the salt of the earth

A few things come to mind;
  • We don't trust our services 
  • For the creatives; we do not have a good distribution network 
  • We don't have royalty structures
  • Basically the creative industry needs more infrastructure 
I am working on #SYL (Shine Your Light), working on Naija Covers, Top of my Head and more, but I am focused on SYL  a project that is dear to my heart (this is the much I can share now, watch your social media and mass media space for the unfolding events coming soon)

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