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I hear I’m The First Nigerian Youth under 35 to be invited by The Sitting President of a Foreign Nation to run His Social Media Campaign- Ohimai Godwin Amaize

My name is Ohimai Godwin Amaize. I’m from Edo State. I’m a 2007 graduate of English and French (Combined Honours), University of Ibadan. I have a Post-Graduate diploma in Managing for Integrity at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. I’m the Founder and Publisher of SIGNAL, an online newspaper and also the CEO of Olivier Pope Inc, an image crisis management firm.
I’ve always had a flair for social engineering, writing, media, communications and journalism. There’s nothing I’m doing now that is really a surprise to people who know me. During my undergraduate days at the University of Ibadan I was deeply involved in extra-curricula engagement – most of which related to media and journalism. I was even elected President of the Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ), before I graduated in 2007. Many of my colleagues and protégés back then are now full-fledged journalists, newspaper editors and media practitioners.

Like I said, social engineering, writing, media, communications and journalism have been a part of my life. I’ve been involved in all of these before I graduated from University. I remember my first ever opinion article published in a Nigerian national daily was published at the age of 17 when I was in SS3. It’s been in the blood. I didn’t just wake up overnight to dabble into what I am doing right now.
I officially started SIGNAL online newspaper in October 2015. Olivier Pope Inc was incorporated in November 2015. Like most great ideas, funding is not usually the first issue. The most important thing is to have a great idea that is viable. Other things have a way of falling in place. Thankfully, for me, I branched into my line of business after I had built some experience and capacity in media relations working with some of Nigeria’s most prominent politicians, organizations and brands. Starting my own stuff wasn’t that difficult because all I needed to do was translate the knowledge of my previous engagements in the private sector, civil society and public service into a solution providing business.
I support my wife’s business. She’s a UK-trained fashion designer, one of the best in Nigeria today. She's the Creative Director of Tesslo Concepts and won Best Fashion Designer in Nigeria Award at the Nigeria Fashion Show (NFS) in Paris in 2006. I model for her and I support her with brand strategy and new media marketing. 

My greatest fear was the fear that I may not be able to please all my friends or the people around me. I’m a people lover. I love people a lot and I like solving people’s problems. But I overcame this fear the moment I realized that attempting to please everyone is practically impossible! I found myself in circumstances where some people started feeling entitled to what they expected you to do for them. And in some other cases, your best was seen as not trying enough. It’s total madness. Learning from all those experiences, I came to the conclusion that nothing a man does can please everyone. You must learn to follow your heart even when the entire world is against you. This has helped me maintain focus in a world where everyone has an idea how you should be running your life.
Again, people are my passion. I believe a lot in people. I believe that if we can help people overcome the obstacles they face and help them reach the full heights of their potentials, our world will become a better place. There’s so much inequality in our world. Especially in this part of the world where we live in a society where hard-work, integrity and character no longer count for anything. Such a society cannot make progress. As character and societal values collapse, crime will increase, violence will know no bounds and immorality will rule. That is our reality today. There’s no social justice. People are in poverty not because they are not working hard but because the greed of a few has rendered the majority completely helpless. We can’t continue like this.
I like to see success beyond materialism. I like to see success through things like legacy; what are you going to leave behind when you are gone from this earth? I don’t believe in success as a function of how much a man has in his bank account. I will never call a man successful until I see how he has been able to transfer the gains of his personal life to succeeding generations. There are many billionaires who if they die today, all their wealth, influence and impact dies with them. In my worldview, that is not success.

The word “failure” does not exist in my dictionary; maybe it’s because of the consciousness that I carry as a child of God. Because as a child of God, I know that “All things (emphasis in ALL) work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose". When some of the things people call failure happen to me, I start rejoicing because some new breakthrough is about to happen. Consistently, that has been the story of my life. When former President Goodluck Jonathan lost his re-election bid in 2015, I know many who tried to mock those of us who supported him online. There was nothing they didn’t say to deride us. Some went as far as wondering what will happen to us because many of us were on the verge of losing our jobs. Barely a year after that “loss”, I was invited by the sitting President of a foreign country to help out with his social media campaign strategy. For six months, I was working in a foreign land as an expatriate and I hear I’m the first Nigerian youth under 35 to be invited by the sitting President of a foreign nation to run his social media campaign. I’m not sure that door would have opened if we had won the election in Nigeria and I returned to working in the Jonathan administration as a ministerial aide. This is just one out of many examples. Those who follow my life’s trajectory very well understand what I’m talking about. For me, if there is any lesson to draw from these experiences, it would be that in the past I used to be worried about what people would say when things appear to go wrong. And when you are always worried about what people are saying, you begin to lose focus. But not anymore. I have learnt to use the unfriendly things people say about me to build bridges to my next destination.

My Dad. God bless his soul. He was the first person I learnt the principles of honesty, contentment and integrity from. He wasn’t rich and he wasn’t poor but he worked really hard to give his children a better life than he had. Secondly, my Christian background made a lot of difference in my life. It was through Christianity I learnt that I can use my mouth to call things that are not into existence. Since I started walking in this reality, my life has not remained the same.
Many times. But like I explained in a previous question, I have learnt to see the hand of God in things when they happen; including the things that appear to go wrong. That’s why I’m not in a rush to blame God for anything or worry about the outcome of anything because in our small human minds we are limited by what we can see or feel. But you can’t put God in a box. He is the only one who sees the end from the beginning and He's the only one who can do and undo.
It has made me a more organized, questing, hard-working person. You wake up everyday knowing you must convert the N1 million in your bank account into N10 million if you really want to stay afloat.
The wisdom to manage men and resources is key. Some business people are very shrewd with money but are failures at managing people. And you must succeed at both to be a successful entrepreneur. And please, whether you are a Muslim or Christian, learn to pay your tithe. I know Muslims who pay tithe in church. Tithing is one of the principles that has secured the success and financial prosperity of many businesses you see today. Then learn to start small, grow gradually and then expand. There’s nothing to be ashamed about with starting small.

I see myself becoming a globally renowned philanthropist.
My advice is simple. Not everyone can become a successful entrepreneur. The question you should ask yourself is if you really have the flair for business or you are just inspired by what you read about successful businessmen and women? Truly, no one is born a businessman or woman. Some people grow into it and some learn the art of doing business but it’s always a plus if it is something you have a natural passion for. Finally, be honest and do not be in a hurry to “blow”. Never go into business with the mindset of defrauding people. You may succeed at it at the beginning, but the end will erase every success you think you have achieved.

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