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Hello friends, its with great delight and pleasure that I welcome you to CREAMNAIJA, Home of Nigeria's foremost online Biography for 'Cream Nigerians' home and abroad.

The difference between a fake and an original product may not be glaring but the taste, content, durability and its ability to meet a need will give away products through identity as either FAKE or REAL.

CREAMNAIJA showcases the stories of those that stand for truth in the midst of all lies, will do their work even if no other does theirs, making a difference and adding that cool Heavenly spice to this hot unfriendly world with the aim of inspiring and giving reassuring hope to others (that it can be done better).

CREAMNAIJA is for you, you and you out there, go through each content expectantly. I trust something will hit and transform you to heights unimaginable.
Have a wonderful read.

Yours Sincerely,
Kigwe Kaiser
Publisher, CreamNaija.
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